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Chapter 10: Dirty


What kind of experience is it to be heard speaking ill of others, especially someone who is not easy to mess with This is how Shen Yanqiu feels now.

Shen Yanqiu wanted to cry, but Huo Chengyan leaned against the entrance in a suit and leather shoes, not speaking, just watching her quietly.

Shen Yanqiu's legs were trembling, and she was thinking about what to do to make Huo Chengyan not angry.

Huo Chengyan had already strolled over while she was struggling with her thoughts; the man's tall body blocked the yellow wall lamp in an instant.

Shen Yanqiu smelled the faint smell of tobacco and the familiar smell of Huo Chengyan, but she couldn't explain this feeling clearly.

"Why don't you talk anymore" Huo Chengyan hugged her waist through the quilt and pinched the tip of her nose.

Shen Yanqiu had no makeup; her skin was white and bright, with a little red.

Huo Chengyan couldn't help touching her a few more times.

Shen Yanqiu acted like a man, directly raised her hand to hook Huo Chengyan's neck, bit his collarbone coquettishly, and licked the concave part of his collarbone with his wet tongue flatteringly, so that it was called being aggressive, and Huo Chengyan was not surprised by how she reacted.

Huo Chengyan clasped her waist with his big hands, put the person beside him, and also put his hands on the quilt, rubbing her waist.

The two breathed alternately, and their shadows overlapped.

Huo Chengyan let go of her, only to see her wet eyes staring at him.

"When did I ever say I was angry I like you to tease me the most."

Huo Chengyan was obviously already immune to her hypocritical sweet talk, so she doesn't want to say anything more, but physical compensation is definitely necessary.

"How would you like to be punished Pull your legs apart or do it in the bathroom Or on the set, how"

Shen Yanqiu was so angry that her cheeks were red and her eyes were watery, and soon she looked at Huo Chengyan and was about to cry; her acting skills are really good.

Huo Chengyan said heartily, "Who dares say that she is a vase with her acting skills, but she is a vase of strength" After all, Shen Yanqiu's beauty is obvious to all in the entertainment industry.

"Why are you so obscene, Are you thinking about these things specifically"

Shen Yanqiu's eyes were red, and her upturned nose was also red, looking a bit like she was really injured.

Huo Chengyan hugged her and put her on his lap.

He said, "Now Is it obscene to have s3x with me"

Shen Yanqiu felt that she was a bit hypocritical.

In fact, she was just pretending, but somehow she remembered the one she played.

As for the character, it has always been said that things like this do not end well, that their lust fades and they fall in love with other people.

The tragic ending of Cheng Biwan's character was something that stuck with her, and thinking about her dirty relationship with Huo Chengyan, made her suddenly fall into that kind of sad emotion.

Shen Yanqiu felt that she was Huo Chengyan's dark spot and shouldn't do anything that would embarrass Huo Chengyan.

So she turned his head and hugged Huo Chengyan, held his face, and put on a smiling face again, as bright as flowers.

"Just now I was acting; can you tell me something about my acting skills"

Huo Chengyan saw what this person was looking for.

Shen Yan's mood was very July under the steps; it was sunny and rainy; it was very unpredictable.

However, Huo Chengyan was already tired enough today, so he didn't intend to care about it, so he said, "Did I spoil you too much How dare you play tricks on me"

Shen Yanqiu wanted to laugh for no reason when Huo Chengyan said a sentence that took her by surprise.

Shen Yanqiu sincerely apologized, curled the corners of her mouth, cupped his face, and asked with a flamboyant smile, "Can I help you take a shower as my apology"


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