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Even if Lu Man had handed in a stupid report, he would still choose Lu Man\'s report.

Not to mention, he had complete confidence in Lu Man, that in terms of ability she would not lose to Dai Yiran.

However, Lu Man did not know about his thoughts and was just sure that the proposal since they had already agreed on her proposal, it would not be changed.

Alright, then I\'ll agree, Han Zhuoli nodded.

But I have a condition, Lu Man said again.

Dai Yiran smiled coldly and mocked Lu Man, Are you scared now What condition do you want to set now

However, Lu Man completely ignored Dai Yiran who was feeling proud of herself, How about we set a bet

Bet It did not matter to Dai Yiran, What do you want to bet

However, she did not expect that what Lu Man said after that would shock everyone, Taking the project I\'m in charge of as a test, whoever loses, resigns.

There\'s no need to wait for the trial period to pass already.

All of those present, excluding Han Zhuoli and Lu Man herself, were utterly stunned.

Even Dai Yiran was staring at her, stunned.

Lu Man was that confident

Was she not scared of losing

As for Dai Yiran, she herself had nothing to fear.

After all, she was Secretary\'s daughter and had been brought here personally by Han Dongping, so no matter what she would not lose her job.

However, it was not the same for Lu Man, she had the rare opportunity to become an official employee, yet she wanted to bet on her job.

Was she dumb

Could it be that Lu Man was really that confident, that she could win over her

Did she have something she could rely on

What the rest of the people thought was around the same as what Dai Yiran thought.

However, it was only Wu Lize who was truly worried, feeling that Lu Man was being too brash.

He felt that it was just because she could not stomach it that she was taking her future as a joke.

Also, she must not forget that she still had to pay for Xia Qingwei\'s medical bills.

How about it Does Miss Dai want to bet with me Lu Man said with a smile, You want to compete with me, then this bet is my condition.

If you don\'t dare to agree, then you can forget about whatever competition.

Moreover, Lu Man did not even bother to hide the mocking look on her face.

When Dai Yiran saw that Lu Man was so confident, she became less sure of herself.

She kept feeling like there was some trap in this.

However, she had already said those big words, if she didn\'t agree now, then won\'t everyone think of her as a joke

She reconsidered and thought about it, what was she scared of Was it possible that she would really lose to Lu Man

Lu Man was just trying to look impressive when she had no actual ability.

No matter what, even if she had to force herself to do it, Dai Yiran still nodded and agreed to it, Alright, I\'ll agree to it.

Moreover, Dai Yiran refused to believe that she would lose!

She had graduated from a good school, and furthermore, what she had studied was a degree that was related to this.

When she had been in school, she had learned and worked on too many classic cases such that even her school papers\' grades were always among the best.

And what did Lu Man have

Before Lu Man had returned, she had already inquired clearly, Lu Man had not even finished university, and she had learned fashion design, which was a degree that was very unrelated to what they were doing.

She would lose to Lu Man


Lu Man slowly raised the corners of her lips, I hope that Miss Dai will abide by your words.

Dai Yiran was so angry she gave a cold \'hmph\', Why would I have to go back on my words!

No matter whether Wu Lize had confidence in Lu Man or not, when he saw Lu Man\'s confident smile, he could not help but show his admiration.

Unknowingly, the corner of his lips was also slightly curved upwards.

Lu Man\'s smile was a bit calculative, but it was also unexpectedly good looking and impossible to hate.

It was the first time that he found out that women could smile in such a sly way, that was still so beautiful, and not at all hateful.

When Han Zhuoli saw Wu Lize\'s reaction, he immediately narrowed his eyes.

He did not feel at ease leaving Lu Man in the Public Relations Department.


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