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Chapter 1401: Theres Still a D*mn Script

Since the interview was only a matter of minutes, it was far more convenient to use a single-lens camera.

Done setting up the camera, the chief editor passed a list of questions hed crafted on the way here to Han Zhuoli.

“Please have a look, Young Master Han.

We can edit the questions if you find them unacceptable.”

Han Zhuoli glanced through them and assented.

“Theyre fine, just ask these questions.”

“Do you need time to prepare for them” the editor asked.

“No need for that, we can just start.

Itll be more natural.

I know what to say,” Han Zhuoli replied.

“Alright, lets start,” the editor-in-chief said.

Just as he was about to begin, Han Zhuoli suddenly spoke.


“Do you have any other request, Young Master Han” the editor inquired.

“This isnt natural enough.” Han Zhuoli thought for a moment before saying, “Follow me to the district.

Pretend that Im about to go home and youll ask me as I walk.”

Chief editor: “…”

Theres still a d*mn a script

“Okay, okay.” The chief editor could only nod his consent.

No matter what he says, Han Zhuolis always right.

And so the editor and his gang followed Han Zhuoli out.

Before they went out, Han Zhuoli told Lu Man, “Be a good girl and stay at home.

Ill be back shortly.”

Lu Man: “…”

What could she even say

Obviously, she could only nod!

The editor brought his team with Han Zhuoli, and when they arrived at the gates of the villa, he asked, “Is it alright here”

Han Zhuoli took a look around.

Having no idea what Han Zhuoli was thinking with a serious expression, the editor-in-chief thought Han Zhuoli was picking a filming location.

“Still not natural enough.” Han Zhuoli shook his head.

“Why not like this, Ill drive my car around and well arrive at the entrance together.

Youll pretend to block my car and chase me for an interview.”

Chief editor: “…”

Hell, he never expected that a two-minute interview would be this tiring.

Luckily, they brought only a normal camera and not a filming camera with them.

They still had to chase that d*mn car!

Theyre proper reporters, not the paparazzi!

They didnt do stuff like blocking peoples entryway, okay

And now, they still had to race a car!

The editor was screaming “bloody hell” in his brain but maintained his polite smile, saying, “No problem.”

His team behind him all paled.

Thankfully, Han Zhuoli had some conscience still and let them board his car as he drove to the district entrance.

When they got off, Han Zhuoli even reminded them to “act more real.”

“No problem!” The editor nodded seriously.

Han Zhuoli drove and pretended as if he had just reached the neighborhood entrance.

The editor waved his arm and immediately swarmed up to the car, shouting into the descending car window.


Han, Mr.

Han! Please wait, please wait!”

Han Zhuoli seemed to be considering the stamina of the team, and though he did not stop, he drove at a slow pace.

Just as he was about to reach his house, he stopped by the curb.

This time, Butler Xiao Wang came.

The editor was still in a daze.

When had Han Zhuoli told Butler Xiao Wang about this

He then saw Butler Xiao Wang take the car keys from Han Zhuoli and help him drive the car into the garage.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli slipped his hands into his pants pockets and headed home.

The chief editor hurriedly said, “Mr.

Han, the Net is buzzing today.

Everyones curious about the teeth marks on your lips…”

Han Zhuoli walked coldly and haughtily as he turned.

After hearing the question, he showed a rare smug smile.

Lifting his chin as if to say something awesome, he replied, “My wife bit it.”

With that, he entered his home.

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