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Chapter 1408: Doubt

No one doubted that Lu Mans total score came in first.

She was on a roll.

She had been first last year, and she still came in first this year.

It would be strange if she was not the first.

In second place was Zhang Xiaoying.

After the scores from the previous year and this year were added, her total score ranked at second place.

The third place actually went to Han Leilei.

As she had extra-curricular social practice points added to her score this year, her ranking increased significantly.

In the previous years exams, only Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying had additional points.

Hence, this time, Han Leileis advantage was way too obvious.

Yu Jingxians emotions were on a roller-coaster.

She was not well at all.

It seemed as if she was about to have a mental breakdown if she suffered a little bit more agitation.

“Then, according to the total score ranking, the top three students will be able to go to New York University as exchange students in the Performing Arts studies.”

Yu Jingxian stood up and said, “Teacher Liang, I have a question.”

She could not care about anything else now.

She watched her chance of getting a spot being taken by someone else right before her eyes.

She could not care less anymore.

If she did not say anything, her chance would really be gone.

Since she was going to lose her chance anyway, Yu Jingxian decided not to hold it in.

Teacher Liang looked at her calmly and said, “Speak.”

Yu Jingxian said, “I have doubts about Han Leileis additional points in the assessment this time.”

Teacher Liang did not find it strange that Yu Jingxian had doubts about Han Leilei.

Neither did everyone else.

“Which part are you curious about You can bring it up,” Teacher Liang said.

Yu Jingxian said, “Zhang Xiaoying was one of the top ten representatives of the school when she participated in the Chinese Arts Championships, yet she got only an additional 10 points.

Han Leilei only went to shoot an ad, so why was she able to get 25 points This is what I want to ask about.”

Nobody expected that before Teacher Liang could reply, Zhang Xiaoying would speak first.

“As someone directly involved in this, I didnt even question the fairness of the points awarded.

Why are you worrying for me”

Zhang Xiaoying said in a cold voice, “You were surpassed by Han Leilei by three points.

If you think the difference is not too huge and want to try a bit harder, do it yourself, dont drag me into this.”

Anyway, Zhang Xiaoyings second place was fully secure.

No one doubted her, and no one could surpass her.

Her gap with Lu Man was becoming wider.

Although she could not accept it, it did not mean that she was willing to let herself be used by others.

Especially since she had long been unhappy with Yu Jingxian.

Her motives were so deep, and she even treated her like a fool to play around with.

She was clearly full of ambition, yet she wanted to hide it and thought that she was so smart.

If Yu Jingxian had openly admitted it, Zhang Xiaoying would even have admired her frankness.

She wouldnt feel so strongly against her like she did now.

Yu Jingxian was clearly doing this for herself, yet she had to pull her in like this.

Did she really think she was stupid enough to cooperate with her

Zhang Xiaoying also stood up.

“Teacher Liang, I dont have any doubts about Han Leileis additional points.

I completely agree with it.”

Even if she did not agree, she would still say she agreed to it.

She simply wanted to disgust Yu Jingxian.

Anyway, it would not affect her spot no matter what happened.

Zhang Xiaoying completely did not want to associate herself with Yu Jingxian now.

During the previous years final exams, Yu Jingxian had already disgusted Zhang Xiaoying.

Ever since then, Zhang Xiaoying treated her a little less than kindly.

This time around, Yu Jingxian wanted to fight for her spot, yet she wanted to use Zhang Xiaoying to do that.

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