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“This is my occupational habit.

I keep a record of the information sorted according to the artiste, date, or event types and such, and I update my records every time I see something new.

It might come in handy anytime,” Da Xiong said as he sent a few more pictures.

“Look at this, this was the second account people found back when Lu Qi was still popular.”

When Lu Qi was popular back then, she had her fair share of embarrassing stories.

During the times when Lu Qi felt that there werent enough topics about her, she would purposely create some herself.

And these topics werent anything good so as to grab the netizens attention and, through their discussions, make her a sensation again.

One time, Lu Qis second account was exposed.

Lu Man had some inklings now that Da Xiong reminded her of it.

Since, for Lu Man, this was something from another lifetime, literally.

She recalled only that there were not many topics going on about Lu Qi.

Her hot topics were beaten by all her competitors, so she purposely created a second account to vent her anger through it.

For example, posting about her high stress levels, or expressing her displeasure at some of her anti-fans who kept flaming her, or expressing her grievances as well.

Every word was extremely passionate.

Such alternate accounts should be relatively difficult to be found out by netizens.

Because who could scroll until they found an account with literally no fans

Hence, Lu Qi exposed her alternate account herself.

She contacted the paparazzi and acted as if someone else had exposed her account.

This happened in Lu Mans previous life, and she was the one who helped Lu Qi contact the paparazzi.

At that time, they reached out to Tang Zi.

As Lu Man was remembring, Da Xiong said, “After that matter, I noted down her second account and thought itll be useful next time.

I have a special folder here just for recording all the artistes alternate accounts.”

Da Xiong sent the screenshot of Lu Qis exposed account.

It had been so long since the exposure that almost no one remembered it.

Unless they were professionals like Da Xiong.

Even Lu Man had forgotten about it.

But the account this time was slightly different from Lu Qis.

“The last digit and alphabet are different, but the rest is the same,” Da Xiong said.

“So I suspect its Lu Qi.”

“If you have the means, you can check the origins of this alternate account,” Da Xiong said.

With Han Zhuoli at Lu Mans side, Da Xiong had no doubts that Lu Man had her methods.

“Alright, thanks a lot,” Lu Man said gratefully.

“Sigh, its no big deal,” Da Xiong replied.

“If its Lu Qi for sure, does that mean that the recording on your hands can be used”

Lu Man almost forgot about the recording.

Because Han Zhuoli was beside her then, she listened only to the beginning before switching it off because she did not want Han Zhuoli to listen to Lu Qi.

She wanted to find some time alone to listen to it.

The matter dragged on until now, and it almost slipped her mind.

After Da Xiongs reminder, she said, “Of course.

If she did this, I wont be courteous either.”

She had been too kind all this while, and Lu Qi knew no fear.

Every time she was struck down, she would be out and about trying to make her existence known the moment the pain was over.

Ending the call with Da Xiong, Lu Man then sent the account to Han Zhuoli and asked him to check.

Han Zhuoli did it with no hesitation.

Principal Liu also got news of this matter.

Just as Principal Liu was about to contact the administrator managing the schools official account, he received a call from Teacher Liang.

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