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Chapter 1424: Wen Family

“Do you know anyone in this area” Lu Man asked.

“If a comparison is done, itll be more trustworthy.”

Han Zhuoli thought for a moment before saying, “Jingsheng has someone on his team, but theyre the police, after all.

Im afraid of getting him into trouble for seeking him out for private purposes.”

He considered, then said, “Ill ask the Wen Family.

They might have someone.”

“Wen Family” Lu Man was stunned.

“The Wen Family on the Mount Lan Compound,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Lu Man really inhaled in shock this time.

“Its really the one on the Mount Lan Compound When you mentioned it just now, I didnt even dare to think that.

But I felt that apart from the one on the Mount Lan Compound, there are no other families youd name directly as the Wen Family.”

The Wen Family on Mount Lan Compound was renowned nationally.

Strike that, it was renowned internationally.

Currently, the two biggest organizations globally were the local Mount Lan Compound and the foreign Spines.

As for the yakuzas and mafias, they were considered a childs play as compared to the two major groups.

The yakuzas and mafias were terrifying in the eyes of the common folks who dared not offend them.

But they were nothing compared to Mount Lan Compound and the Spines.

Mount Lan Compound and the Spines had well-rounded development in all areas.

From intelligence, foreign affairs, and internal affairs to research departments, et cetera, et cetera, there were many more subdivisions within each department.

And the composition of personnel in every department was both widespread and complicated.

Each had their own armed forces; they were not worse than the military.

In fact, they were even better.

The headquarters of the Spines was in the States, and they mostly worked with the government over there.

But the headquarters of Mount Lan Compound was in T City.

Focusing on Mount Lan Compound…

It was located on the top of Mount Lan in T City.

There were few who didnt know this in the country.

Hence, Mount Lan became T Citys famous tourist destination.

Of course, the tourists could only gather at the foot of the mountain for a look and couldnt enter the premises.

But from the foot of the mountain and through the dense canopy of the forest, they could still spot the unbroken line of magnificent historical buildings from the mountain waist to the mountain top.

Those made up Mount Lan Compound.

The Wen Family, from their own technology research department to their healthcare department, was fully well-equipped.

Not to mention their famous secret forces.

Three secret forces and hidden guards for protection were the Wen Familys strongest shield.

Hidden Shadows—that was the Intelligence Department.

Under Hidden Shadows were the Day Shadows, Night Shadows, and the Unshadowed, all with their own respective jobs.

The Day Shadows handled day operations, while the Night Shadows handled night operations.

But the Unshadowed were the creme de la creme of the Hidden Shadows, always responsible for the hardest missions.

There was an even more secretive department, and that was the Hidden Gleam; they were responsible for assassinations.

Even the countrys special forces would train at the Wen Family for a period of time every year.

And matters which were unsuitable for the armed forces or police to handle were passed to the Wen Family to do.

And this was why even though the Wen Family had expanded and amassed such great power, it was still standing and was not targeted.

They had cleverly found a way for them to expand safely while knowing their place.

And as for the audio comparison matter that Lu Man spoke of, it was like swatting a fly for the Wen Family, but it was still handled by the Hidden Shadows.

“Finding Jingsheng might cause them trouble, but its alright finding the Wen Family.” Its not like Han Zhuoli couldnt seek out others, but it wasnt as convenient as approaching the Wen Family.

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