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Chapter 1425: Wei Wucai

Lu Man had no idea that Han Zhuoli was on good terms with the Wen Family.

Han Zhuoli contacted the manager of the Hidden Shadows department, Fang Boran.

As the head of intelligence of the Wen Family, he was called the “Skin-peeling Vampire” by others.

Not because he looked terrifying like a vampire.

Reality was a sharp contrast.

Fang Boran was young and handsome.

His father was, coincidentally, the previous manager of the Hidden Shadows department.

It could be considered that he had inherited his position.

Fang Boran always had a head full of short mussed hair as if he just woke up and hadnt combed it; this and his eyes made him look like he was perpetually napping.

The information on his hands was so detailed that he knew even the time you went to the bathroom, whether you pooped or peed, and how many bowls of rice you ate for lunch.

When talking conditions with him, one would frequently be frustrated beyond belief, but he would still be expressionless, looking exhausted and ready to keel over anytime.

“Vampire” referred to that.

As for skin-peeling, it was because the information he had was more than enough to bare one to the world.

But fortunately, the eight great families had good relations with the Wen Family.

The Wen Family did have information on the eight great families, but the Wen Family had never used it.

Though particulars about the eight great families werent that much, there were bound to have been some black sheep among the families.

For example, the Han Family had strict control and standards for themselves, but a person like Han Dongping still appeared.

Han Dongping definitely used underhanded and dirty means when doing business.

For many similar people, Fang Boran had many of such similar information on hand.

But because of Han Zhuoli, Chu Zhaoyang, and the others who had a good relationship with him, the Wen Family did not target any of their families members.

Fang Boran picked up quickly, and Han Zhuoli spoke simply and clearly.

“Help me find someone to compare audios.

Best if theres a detailed explanation of the comparison process so that the layman netizens can understand too and confirm that its Lu Qis voice.”

“Its a small matter.

Ill let Wei Wucai handle this.

Ill ask him to contact you, you just have to hand the stuff over to him.” Fang Boran agreed readily.

He hung up and Wei Wucai contacted him within the minute.

Han Zhuoli sent both audio clips to Wei Wucai.

Over at the other end, Wei Wucai dangled a lollipop in his mouth.

“Right, its what just happened on the Net.


Give me 10 minutes and youll have the analysis.”

As Fang Borans subordinate, how could Wei Wucai not pay attention to such things

Han Zhuoli introduced him to Lu Man.

“Wei Wucai is a member of the Wei Family.”

“Wei Family” Lu Man felt that she was overloaded with new information today.

“Wei Zhiqians Wei Family”


His grandfather and Zhiqians grandfather were brothers, so Wei Wucai isnt considered to be in the main lineage in Zhiqians branch and has no chance of inheriting the familys head position.

Wei Wucais branch controls a part of the Wei Familys properties in T City, so he was sent to Mount Lan Compound at a young age.

This is also why the Wen Family can have such close relationships with the eight great families—there are people from the eight great families working for the Wen Family,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“Because the families have confusing compositions, its difficult to tell you all at once.” Han Zhuoli continued to explain, smiling, “Just like this, I can only tell you when we encounter it.”

Lu Man had found it strange why Han Zhuoli was telling it to her with so much details.

Now that she understood, she smiled and nodded.

After ten minutes, just as Wei Wucai had promised, he sent a video back.

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