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Chapter 1431: You Hit Me

Lu Qiyuan was seen taking big strides towards Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang.

He raised his hand and gave Lu Qi a slap on her face without any warning at all.

At the same time, he even scolded, “You shameless thing!”

Lu Qi was instantly thrown to the floor by Lu Qiyuans slap.

She had been completely dumbstruck by his slap.

Lu Qi stared at Lu Qiyuan in disbelief as she said in a piercing voice, “You hit me!”

Lu Qiyuan had never hit her since she was young.

He had never said a single harsh word to her before either.

Lu Man, on the other hand, was always being hit.

Seeing Lu Man being slapped by Lu Qiyuan was a common occurrence.

Even so, Lu Qi never got tired of watching it, no matter how many times she watched it.

She heard that before she was born, Lu Qiyuan treated Lu Man pretty well.

But after she was born, Lu Qiyuan gave all his love to her.

Ever since Lu Qi had a conscious memory, Lu Qiyuan had always said in front of her that Lu Man could not be compared to Lu Qi, and it would be great if Lu Man had a tenth of Lu Qis good traits.

He even constantly made Lu Man learn from her.

In Lu Qiyuans eyes, Lu Qi was sharp-witted, smart, had a bright future, was pretty, had a gentle character, and would even make him happy.

Especially after she became famous, Lu Qiyuan felt even more honored when he went out.

On the other hand, Lu Man looked malnourished and sickly, and she would not even call him Dad when she saw him.

She was inarticulate, looked average, and was not outstanding, be it in her studies or career.

She would even get into fights at home for no reason.

Of course Lu Qiyuan would not like Lu Man.

Compared to Lu Man, Lu Qi was like a fairy.

Hence, Lu Qi had always been treated lovingly and praised by Lu Qiyuan.

Only Lu Man had been slapped all the time.

Whenever she saw Lu Man collapsing on the ground from a slap, in the midst of her gloating about it, Lu Qi would even feel that Lu Man was exaggerating.

She would always act like she was too weak to withstand anything.

You could collapse just from a slap

However, she finally experienced it for the first time today, how that felt like.

One slap could really shake a person off their feet.

“You are exactly the one Im hitting!” Lu Qiyuan even pointed at Lu Qi as he said, “You are shameless! Do you know how ashamed you made me feel in the company”

His daughters moans suddenly went viral online—even the people in his company knew and wanted a share of it.

When he went out to meet clients, he would also have to bear with the strange look from them.

The worst was that he did not know about it initially and had even carried himself confidently as usual.

However, it was not like he could not read the weird looks on other peoples faces.

Especially when so many people were looking at him like that.

Their looks were a mix of shock, pity, and mockery.

And their faces were clearly written with: “Why do you even dare to come out”

Things were already like that.

How could Lu Qiyuan not be able to tell He could only ask his assistant Jiang Yujie what on earth was going on today.

Was there something wrong with him, or was there a problem with some aspect of the companys business

Jiang Yujie finally told him while stuttering about the incident online.

“Wheres the recording” Lu Qiyuan asked in a low voice.

Jiang Yujies face flushed red immediately.

“This recording is not allowed to be spread around online.

It was removed not long after it started spreading online.

Those with fast fingers would have already downloaded it.

Im a girl.

How… How can I download that.”

Jiang Yujie glanced hesitatingly at Lu Qiyuan before saying, “But… many male friends downloaded it in my circle of friends.

Do you want me to ask from them”

Actually, the male colleagues in the company also downloaded it.

Lu Qiyuan would know just from thinking about it.

However, they were all colleagues.

Jiang Yujie would not possibly call them out.

His own employees downloaded his daughters moaning sounds.

Who could stand it

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