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If Lu Qi was thinking of waiting for the incident to die down before going back to school, then one or two months would definitely not be enough.


The exchange students from New York were yet to arrive.

They would come only after one month.

Lu Man decided to use this time to start preparing.

It was good that her English was really not bad.

When she was arguing with Bourbotte and the rest back then, her English was fluent, so she did not lose to them in language.

On Sunday, Lu Man went back to the family home with Han Zhuoli.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoling went as well.

Lu Man was quite shocked.

As a workaholic, Han Zhuoling did not even tone down on his habit of working even after he came back.

Especially after his divorce, he became single and did not have any reservations, so he became even more heavily invested in his work.

Because of this, Lin Liye had gone to complain to Old Mrs.

Han countless of times.

Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng both moved into Han Zhuolings house to stay and had not patched up with Han Dongping until now.

Lu Man felt that she was bent on living separately from Han Dongping now.

She did not divorce him, but she did not intend to continue living with Han Dongping either.

Lu Man roughly knew what Lin Liye was thinking.

Lin Liye could not bear to leave the Han Family, but she no longer had any feelings for Han Dongping.

She could not bear to leave the Han Family not because of the power of the Han Family, but simply because she could not bear to part with the atmosphere that the Han Family had.

After moving to Han Zhuolings house, Lin Liye would come and tell Old Mrs.

Han, “He does not come home all day, as if that house was bought by me and Zhuofeng.

Ever since I moved in, I havent seen him coming home for more than a few times.

In the past, I thought it was because he did not like Xia Yixin, so there was nothing for him to like about the house.

Now that hes single, hes like a free bird that completely left the house already.”

Old Mrs.

Han was worried about this as well.

Initially, she thought that the long-standing problem in the house was Han Zhuoli.

She was not worried about Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng was the youngest in the family, and he was still young.

In the past, Han Zhuoli was a big problem.

Although Han Zhuoling was older than Han Zhuoli, at least he was married and had a child.

Old Mrs.

Han need not worry about him anymore.

However, at that time, she still did not know how terrible Han Zhuolings marriage was.

In the end, Han Zhuoli was blissfully married now and Lu Man had also started preparing for pregnancy.

In the near future, Han Zhuoli would probably have a child.

Now Han Zhuoling became the big problem.

He was one year older than Han Zhuoli and did not even have a wife now, much less children.

After her worries about her second grandson, Old Mrs.

Han originally planned to rest for two or three years before worrying about her third grandson.

Yet now, she had to worry about her first grandson again.


“I already went around to ask about reliable girls from the various families.

As long as there are pretty and kind ladies, I noted them all down for Zhuoling to take a look.

As for their character, I did not have any requests.

If they had a kind heart, their character would surely not be too bad.

The most important thing is whether Zhuoling likes them.

It was better if they had all kinds of characters.

Zhuoling would surely be able to meet a person he likes that way,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

When Lu Man heard that, she asked Han Zhuoli in a small voice, “Did Grandma also choose young ladies for you like this”

“No.” Who knew if Han Zhuoli felt a strong urge to live or something He just quickly shook his head.

“No worries, just tell me the truth.

Im just chatting with you, Im not intending to settle scores with you later or anything.

Anyway, this is such a small thing, I wont get angry because of this,” Lu Man said.

She was really not so petty.

Who knows where Han Zhuoli got such a strong urge to live

“No, really,” Han Zhuoli said insistently.

“Grandma did want to do this at first.

She mentioned it to me, but I immediately told her that I would find one myself.

I wanted to find the girl I like through fate.”

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