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Chapter 1437: Han Zhuoling Became the Big Problem

Thinking about it now also made Han Zhuolis ears seemingly feel pain.

“Or else, why do you think Grandma chased me around with the feather duster every day Even though Grandma is very anxious, she still has to respect our wishes.

As long as I dont want to go on blind dates, she wont force me or introduce someone to me.

She will let me find someone on my own.

“Its just that…” Han Zhuoli pursed his lips.

Reminiscing reluctantly, he said, “I couldnt seem to find one, so she would hit me with the feather duster all the time.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli also suffered a lot because of pursuing his love.

“Its been hard on you.” Lu Man did not know why she got distracted, but she patted his hand as she said that.

Yet Han Zhuoli flipped her hand around and held it.

“Of course If not for my perseverance, I wouldnt have met you.

I am also a person who suffered a lot for love.”

Everything had been smooth-sailing since both of them met.

Their relationship had also flourished naturally, and they were growing to have more chemistry together.

They did not meet with many obstacles nor weathered storms together before.

They just spent time together peacefully like this.

“Even still, before I met you, I really suffered a lot.

It was probably because I had long ago taken all the suffering from our love, thats why our relationship has been so smooth-sailing ever since we got together.” Han Zhuoli felt a little smug at this point.

It must be like that.

Ever since he was 25 years old, he had been chased around every day by Old Mrs.

Han with that feather duster.

After being hit for five years like that, he finally met Lu Man.

When he got together with Lu Man, their relationship had always been filled with trust and they never had a misunderstanding between them.

Even when there was a “fly” that came to buzz around them, it would be no match for them.

Their relationship was the kind that could not be disrupted by anyone, and they never had doubts about each other before.

The fact that their relationship could be so smooth-sailing must be because he suffered being hit for five years before that.

Lu Man: “…”

Why did he seem so proud of himself about getting hit

At that moment, Lin Liye said, “You still think Zhuoling would pick and choose Given his temper, I wont talk about whether hes going to cooperate or not.

Im just afraid that those young ladies would be disdainful of him.

Hes not young anymore and he still puts on a stern face all the time, making him look so scary.

He doesnt even know how to say something to coax someone.

If you ask him to do that, it might make someone feel that they probably offended him.

How can those soft and cute young ladies like him like this”

Lu Man: “…”

Big Brother, do you know Auntie made you sound like youre completely useless

After that, Lin Liye said, “There are so many outstanding boys out there.

They are young, handsome, bright, sweet, and warm.

There are all kinds of them out there.

Mom, the girls you picked are all outstanding girls, but will outstanding girls lack outstanding boys to be with Why would they let go of those young, smiley, and sweet boys to come and find Zhuoling”

Lu Man: “…”

Why did she feel like whatever Lin Liye said made Han Zhuoling sound so worthless

He was still the First Young Master from the Han Family and the Deputy CEO of the Han Corporation!

Lin Liye said that he was old, but he was actually only 33 years old.

It was the right age where he would not be so young and reckless, but it was not considered old.

It was the right age where a man would be mature, and its the most charismatic stage of a mans life.

Needless to say, he was the handsome, rich, and domineering CEO type that many girls liked.

Why did it sound like Han Zhuoling became a big problem from what Lin Liye just said

Alas, Old Mrs.

Han actually thought she made a lot of sense and nodded as she said, “You are right.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Does Big Brother know that Grandma and Auntie think of him like this” Lu Man asked Han Zhuoli in a small voice.

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