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Lin Liye had asked him if he remembered any other woman apart from his family members.

And Shi Xiaoyas face had flashed across Han Zhuolings mind.

For some strange reason, not only did he remember Shi Xiaoyas face, but he also remembered Shi Xiaoyas name.

Han Zhuolings gaze landed on Shi Xiaoya for a few moments before moving to Qin Zigou at her side.

And finally landing on the gap between the two of them.

Their arms were nearly touching each other.

Slightly too close.

Qin Zigou recovered first, calling, “Mr.


As he was greeting him, he was thinking, Whats with Han Zhuolings gaze

Though looking at them was normal, Qin Zigou felt as if his arm was getting numb under his gaze.

He unconsciously shifted to the side, putting more gap between him and Shi Xiaoya.

And suddenly, he felt the tension leave his body.

Han Zhuolings gaze had reduced its intensity.

Qin Zigou: “…”

What Was Going On


Han.” Shi Xiaoya also greeted him.

Han Zhuoli nodded lightly.

He recalled the lists of hosts given to him by the production team.

He might be one of the MCs, but more importantly, he was the big financial backer of the show.

The production team would hide the MCs name list from anyone but him.

Looking at Qin Zigou, he remembered that he was also one of the hosts for Survivor.

That meant he was also here for the first week.

Then what was Shi Xiaoya doing here

He was curious, but his expression remained unchanged as he entered the hotel after the cool greeting.

Qin Zigou, Shi Xiaoya, and the other two followed.

The more Qin Zigou walked, the more he found it wrong.

He whispered to Shi Xiaoya, “Damn, this isnt right, is it Why are we walking like some underlings walking behind the big boss Its wrong!”

He was Qin Zigou from the Qin Family! He couldnt embarrass his family name!

Alas, Han Zhuoling stopped before the elevator.

Shi Xiaoya truly did not want to take the same trip as Han Zhuoling.

The atmosphere was too oppressive.

But Han Zhuoling brought only his assistant, Tong Chunian, with him, and it would seem weird if the four of them did not enter the lift, which held only the other two.

While they were waiting for the lift, Tong Chunian asked politely, “Mr.

Qin, Ms.

Shi, are you both here to join the program as well”

Qin Zigou replied, “Im here as a host.

Shes here as a makeup artist.”

Tong Chunian was surprised.

“Never thought that the production team could manage to invite Ms.

Shi as a makeup artist who has to follow the celebs around.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled shyly.

“Itll be quite challenging.”

Qin Zigous eyes landed on Han Zhuoling as he inquired, “Mr.

Han is here as…”

“As an MC.” Han Zhuoling opened his mouth coolly.

Shi Xiaoya thought her brain must have short-circuited, for she blurted out, “Never thought that the production team could successfully invite Mr.


Han Zhuoling thought to himself, Wasnt it because Im single

The lift came, and Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoya both invited Han Zhuoling to enter first.

They then went in with their own assistants.

Han Zhuoling said little else, looking at the levels the lift indicated, then looking at Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou.

He suddenly spoke.

“You both are close.”

“Haha, thats right,” Qin Zigou said, all good brotherly-like.

“I agreed to become an MC because I heard that shes coming to be a makeup artist here.

Dont be fooled just because shes so famous in the industry.

Shes actually really daft and is easily bullied in such environments.”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt stand the last point.

Turning around indignantly, she said, “Who says Im easily bullied”

“Just look at your character.

You dont want to admit it”

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