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Chapter 1456: Ill Swap with You

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If anyone dared to get close or flirt with him, he would surely make you lose face on the spot.

This showed that Yuan Yina would not be able to use her own qualities to make anything happen with Zhang Shuidong.

Shi Xiaoya let Hong Qiaoxian choose first.

“Sister Xiaoya, you are my senior, you should go first,” Hong Qiaoxian said politely, not daring to snatch the spot from her.

Shi Xiaoya felt that being polite like this would only waste time.

Picking lots was not a big thing to begin with, so she did not go back and forth with Hong Qiaoxian anymore.

She just picked a paper lot randomly.

She opened it and realized that it was actually Qin Zigous name.

Shi Xiaoya raised her eyebrow.


She wanted to come here for a challenge at first.

She did not expect to be assigned to that doggo.

No matter how she put on his makeup, Qin Gouzi could not have any objections.

Hong Qiaoxian was the next to draw.

She put her hand into the box as she muttered, “Please dont let me pick First Young Master Han, please dont let me pick First Young Master Han.”

In the end, when she took out her slip of paper and looked, she instantly felt as if her parents had died.

Shi Xiaoya laughed as she asked, “Whats with that face” She suddenly paused and asked in disbelief, “It cant be”

The more you dont want something, the more it comes!

It was like Yuan Yina.

Everyone could tell that she really wanted to pick Han Zhuoling, yet she did not manage to pick him.

Hong Qiaoxian wanted so much to avoid him, yet she had picked him.

Hong Qiaoxian opened up the slip of paper and said, “How come Im the one who picked him”

Chi Xingrui was still in the mood to scare the young lady and said, “Stop saying that.

What if First Young Master Han hears you”

Hong Qiaoxian was so scared that she immediately shut her mouth.

Looks like she was really scared.

Yuan Yinas gaze flickered before she smiled and said to Hong Qiaoxian, “I picked Zhang Shuidong.

If you are willing to go with him, I can exchange with you.”

“Im willing, Im willing!” Hong Qiaoxian immediately said.

Aside from being hostile towards ladies that harbor ill intentions and try to get close to him, he was quite a nice person.

He had a good temper as well and would not make things difficult for anyone.

Of course Hong Qiaoxian wanted to swap.

Yuan Yina then asked Lu Dongliu, “Director Lu, is it okay if I switch with Qiaoxian”

“No problem.

Its fine if both of you have discussed it privately and are agreeable to it.” Lu Dongliu did not mind.

As for what intentions Yuan Yina had, the people at the scene could not tell.

However, even if she had any intentions, it had to depend on whether Han Zhuoling would cooperate.

Lu Dongliu was not worried at all.

Hence, Yuan Yina changed guests with Hong Qiaoxian.

Once the team was done assigning MCs, Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie returned to their rooms.

They stayed in a twin room and lay on their respective beds as Guo Yujie hugged the extra pillow.

“That Yuan Yinas motive is way too obvious.

She clearly wanted to be with Han Zhuoling.

Even if it wasnt Hong Qiaoxian but someone else whod picked Han Zhuoling, she would definitely have thought of a way to swap with that person.”

“Dont think so much.” Shi Xiaoya yawned and said, “Why do you care about her”

“Heh, I really want to see how daring Yuan Yina is.

She actually dared to make a move on Han Zhuoling.

First Young Master Han is so scary.

I want to see how Han Zhuoling will treat Yuan Yina,” Guo Yujie said.

Even Shi Xiaoya was curious.

She was curious as to how daring Yuan Yina would have to be to want to make a move on Han Zhuoling.

She was also curious whether Han Zhuoling would accept such unwarranted affection.

To tell the truth, Yuan Yina was really very pretty.

The kind that was outstandingly beautiful.

Compared to Yuan Yina, Shi Xiaoya looked much plainer.

She wondered if Han Zhuoling was really as arrogant as he looked and could keep his cool and aloof attitude even in front of a beauty who threw herself at him.

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