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Han Zhuoling frowned without disguising it, thinking, his makeup was supposed to be done by such a pretentious woman from then on

For some unknown reason, Han Zhuoling glanced at Qin Zigous direction.

Qin Zigou was seated before the makeup table and Shi Xiaoya was applying primer on him.

Her fingers were evening out the base directly onto his face.

Han Zhuoling narrowed his eyes.

She was touching his face

“Young Master Ling” Yuan Yina noticed that Han Zhuoling didnt reply to her, as if he didnt hear her at all.

He didnt even give her a glance, his gaze seemingly elsewhere.

Yuan Yina tried to follow the direction of his gaze.

But before she could look over, Han Zhuoling suddenly stood and sat in front of the makeup table.

“Lets start.”

Just like this, Yuan Yinas attention was drawn over again.

Yuan Yina forgot her original intentions, also forgetting to find out who Han Zhuoling was looking at.

Who knew whether it was a coincidence, but Han Zhuoling chose a makeup table directly opposite Shi Xiaoyas side.

Han Zhuoling could observe all the interactions between Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou through his mirror.

There wasnt even a need to turn around.

How convenient.

At this time, Shi Xiaoya was using a sponge to apply foundation on Qin Zigou.

While Yuan Yina was using her fingertips and directly applying the primer to Han Zhuolings face.

Han Zhuoling narrowed his eyes, not liking the feeling.

Shi Xiaoya had used her fingertips to cover up the injury on his face previously, but he didnt reject her touch.

But Yuan Yinas contact made him uncomfortable.

Yet Yuan Yina chose to open her mouth coquettishly at this time.

“Young Master Ling, your skin condition is so good, you dont even need foundation.

The camera cant even pick up any flaws even if they zoom in to your face.

The foundation will only make your skin tone look even better.”

Yuan Yina spoke as her fingers wandered to Han Zhuolings elegantly straight nose.

“Your nose is really straight too.”

Yuan Yina was sighing in her heart too, for how could a man be so handsome

She was dead set on getting this man.

As she spoke, her fingers on his nose started reducing their pressure unprofessionally until her touch was feather-like—her attempts at seduction beyond obvious.

Han Zhuoling scowled and stood, frowning.

The chair scraped loudly and noisily along the floor as he stood.

The noise shocked everyone, who then looked over.

During this time, Han Zhuoling still had the mind to glance at the mirror to notice that Shi Xiaoya only raised her head for a look before continuing her job.

She was focused, not at all distracted by external disturbances.

“Whats wrong, Young Master Ling” Lu Dongliu hurried over.

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips in displeasure.

His face was stern usually, and now that he was glowering, he was even more frightening.

“I want another makeup artist,” Han Zhuoling growled.

“What happened” Lu Dongliu was surprised.

He could switch to another if he wanted, but others had to be willing to be switched too.

If Han Zhuoling did not like a female makeup artist, then he could only choose from the three male makeup artists.

But they were also afraid that Han Zhuoling was hard to serve even if they were guys!

The three of them didnt dare to look at the commotion outright anymore, all bending their heads and pretending to busy about their work and only using their peripheral vision to observe Han Zhuolings side.

Han Zhuoling said coldly, “Shes s*xually harassing me.”


Everone spat!


Young Master Ling, youre good with words!

A masculine, middle-aged man being s*xually harassed by a female makeup artist

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