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But now that it was Shi Xiaoyas fingertips that were dabbing away on his face, Han Zhuoling felt much more comfortable and did not feel any hint of dislike about it.

He looked up slightly and saw Shi Xiaoyas serious expression.

The movements of her hands were also devoid of other intentions.

Han Zhuolings face really did not need any enhancements to any part of it using makeup.

His eyebrows were dark and thick, and his brow shape was already very nice even without trimming.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoya did not touch his eyebrows.

She took out a black eyeliner and said, “I will put on some eyeliner on the waterline so that your eyes look more energetic, but on camera, it wont be visible.

Rest assured.”

Shi Xiaoya purposely explained that.

Seeing how Han Zhuoling was like, she felt that he was especially blunt.

The fact that he could sit there and let someone put on makeup for him was already a good thing.

He probably did not want people to see that he actually had makeup on.

Indeed, Han Zhuolings expression visibly relaxed.

Shi Xiaoya found it really intriguing.

No matter whether this man was happy or angry or emotionless, he always had on that cold face of his without revealing a single emotion.

Yet with the same expression, it was still possible to tell whether he was happy or angry.

Like just now, when he was talking to Yuan Yina, everyone knew he was very angry.

But now, one could tell that he was in a pretty good mood.

Yet there was not much of a change on his face.

It was probably…

Because of those eyes.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but look into his eyes.

They were as deep as a dark pool.

If he did not want you to, you would not be able to see anything from them.

But as long as he was willing, he could let you clearly feel his emotions.

At that moment, she actually could not tell anything from his eyes.

Han Zhuoling also stared straight at her like this.

Who knew what he was looking at.

Shi Xiaoya reacted and shifted her gaze away awkwardly.

She lifted his eyelid to apply eyeliner on him.

Although she still felt a little nervous when facing Han Zhuoling, she still had her professionalism with her and was very steady when she drew.

It was just that when she lowered her head to draw his eyeliner, she had to look into his eyes inevitably.

Shi Xiaoyas breath came to a stop.

She quickly shifted her gaze away as she kept reminding herself to just look at his eyelids.

Just look at his eyelids.

However, even if Shi Xiaoya did not look, she could still feel Han Zhuolings gaze.

It felt like… its always on her face

Han Zhuoling had indeed been looking at her.

He could not help it, and he did not know why.

When her warm and soft fingertips gently stretched his eyelid upwards before she lowered her head to draw his eyeliner, she looked so focused and dedicated as if she did not care about him as a person at all.

As if he was no different from those other customers.

Han Zhuolings heart paused for a moment.

That didnt feel good.

Since she was so focused on work, Han Zhuoling had nothing else to do, so he decided to take a careful look at her.

She was very close, but not to the point where it was too close.

He could see the other makeup artists through the mirror in front of him.

They all maintained around the same distance as Shi Xiaoya did.

It was obvious that she did not use this chance to purposely get close to him.

Han Zhuoling felt even more unhappy now.

He suddenly said, “Youre so far away.

Wont you poke my eye like that”

Shi Xiaoya paused for a moment before explaining in a very professional manner, “I wont, dont worry.

Ive been doing this for so many years.

I have experience.

I wont poke you.”

She did not expect Han Zhuoling to even be scared of this.

It looked as if he really did not have much experience having his makeup done.

Thats pretty interesting.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“Ha!” Han Zhuoling forced out a laugh, which ended up scaring Shi Xiaoya, who almost really poked him.

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