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Luckily, she was steady enough.

Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow impolitely and his voice seemed to be dripping with sarcasm.

“Many years Very experienced Wont poke Then what happened just now”

“…” Shi Xiaoyas hand paused in the air as she said very honestly, “I got scared by you.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“I still want my eye,” Han Zhuoling said coldly and did not say anything more after that.

But he briefly gave her a glance, which obviously meant—

Come closer.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to treat him like a normal person anymore, lest she got scared by him again all of a sudden.

Now, she did not dare to let her attention wander.

It was as if she was fighting a war.

In a focused and dedicated manner, she leaned in a little closer.

There was one good thing about this, though.

She would not be distracted by Han Zhuoling again.

Shi Xiaoya brought out her 120,000 points worth of professional attitude, and her expression also became much more stern.

Han Zhuoling watched as Shi Xiaoya put on a look as if she was going to spar with someone on a battlefield.

Her small face looked so stern, yet she could not intimidate anyone with it.

Her strict look actually made her seem a little cute.

Although she had leaned in closer, it was only slightly closer than before.

They still kept a safe distance.

Han Zhuoling only occasionally felt faint breaths landing softly on his face.

It was very light, lighter than a feather.

He had to be extremely focused to be able to feel it.

That breath was like the finest tip of a feather that lightly swept across his face.

It was clearly not itchy, yet it swept right through the depths of his heart.

It made his heart itch.

Those faint breaths had a light fragrance to it.

It was the first time Han Zhuoling reacted faster than his brain and actually breathed it in quietly.

He did not just breathe in her breath, he also breathed in the light scent on her body.

There was no hint of perfume.

It was just the natural scent from her hair and body.

The light scent from her body also had a hint of sweetness to it, just like her.

Unlike Yuan Yina, whose strong perfume scent had almost choked him to death.

That was why he had kept frowning and holding in his breath.

That was unbearable.

Han Zhuoling breathed Shi Xiaoyas in a few more times before he realized what he was doing and instantly berated himself.

How did he suddenly become a pervert!

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

He was completely clueless as to why he did that.

He was very unhappy, angry!

Angry at himself.

Shi Xiaoya was about to draw on his other eye when she got a scare from Han Zhuolings expression.

“Young Master Ling, is there anything you are displeased with” Shi Xiaoya immediately asked.

She even took out a small mirror for Han Zhuoling to have a closer look.

“See, even though your eyes look more spirited, you cant tell that theres eyeliner drawn at all.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that Han Zhuoling was unhappy because of this.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He did not know how Shi Xiaoya did it.

However, he knew that if she did not even have such a skill, she would not have made it to where she was today.


Shi Xiaoya quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Zhuoling could even feel her nose breathing out air, along with smelling the scent from her body.

Shi Xiaoya put away the mirror and continued to draw on his other eye.

Yuan Yina felt really unhappy and upset when she returned to her room.

She decided that she still had to look for this bunch of people to have a discussion.

Even if she really could not stay on in the production team, she could not let them leak out what had happened today.

Hence, she brought her assistant and came back.

Yet when she arrived at the door, she saw Shi Xiaoya drawing eyeliner for Han Zhuoling.

Both their faces were so close that they were about to kiss.

Yet Han Zhuoling did not say anything and kept staring straight at Shi Xiaoya.

Yuan Yina felt that her lungs were about to burst from anger!

Shed merely touched Han Zhuolings face and praised him, but Han Zhuoling just directly said that she was harassing him s*xually.

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