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Chapter 1471: Dont Be Scared, Go!

“Its broad daylight.

There are no ghosts either,” Qin Zigou said half-jokingly.

Shi Xiaoya glared at him and said, “What nonsense are you saying in broad daylight!”

However, she too felt a little cold.

But before she could unravel her thoughts, a bunch of men in black suits suddenly came in.

They came in pairs and grabbed a host from the left and right.

Shi Xiaoya quickly moved aside to make way for the men in black.

What trickery was this

Didnt they say they were going to a deserted island

Shi Xiaoya knew that the deserted island part was not known to the guests.

The staff knew that, and she also learned the gist of it when she signed the contract.

It was not the full picture, but she did not tip off Qin Zigou on this aspect either.

She promised Lu Dongliu that she would definitely not tell anyone, so she did not tell Qin Zigou.

Hence, when the guests were captured, the panic on their faces was real and could not be faked.

“Whats going on You guys… What are you guys doing” Qin Zigou stared at the men in black suits with black shades on, who were flanking him on both sides.

They were all expressionless.

The scene was a mess and filled with panicked questions from the alarmed guests.

But when it came to Han Zhuoling, the scene suddenly changed.

The men in black actually did not dare to come up and grab him!

It was really because this young masters aura was too scary, and because he had a cold expression on.

The men in black did not even dare to get a step closer to him.

Theyd dare much less to capture him, right

This was a freaking Big Boss right here!

Han Zhuoling was the one who actually arched his eyebrows and asked, “Arent you guys going to capture me”

The men in black: “…”

Lu Dongliu could only urge them from the side and say, “You guys, hurry up! Dont be scared, just go!”

The men in black glanced at Han Zhuoling and thought to themselves, You come and do it yourself if you got the guts!

One of them said in a small voice to Han Zhuoling, “Young Master Ling, sorry to offend.”

Hence, two of them carefully went up… and held Han Zhuolings elbows.

They did not look like they were catching someone.

They looked more like two eunuchs supporting a grandmaster.

If one turned to the other guests that were being treated a little roughly, this differential treatment would seem way too obvious.

Qin Zigou directly said, “I say, whats going on with you guys You guys treat us so frivolously rough, but you dont dare to go up and grab Young Master Ling Look at those two.

Are they here to capture someone or invite the emperor Isnt it embarrassing”

The two men in black supporting Han Zhuoling lowered their heads awkwardly after Qin Zigou said that about them.

However, they still held Han Zhuoling steadily.

Everybody: “…”

Shi Xiaoya was already in the area where the production team staff were.

She was walking with them and could not help but laugh when she saw what was going on.

The six guests were each sent into their respective cars, with one guest in a car.

After getting on the car, they were blindfolded.

Shi Xiaoya followed the production team on the other hand and took the ferry to the deserted island.

Han Zhuoling, Zhang Shuidong, and Liu Chuanhui were each sent atop a helicopter.

Qin Zigou, Zhang Jian, and Lin Yantao were each sent on a speedboat.

Of course, they were on their own.

“Woah, whats going on” After Zhang Jian sat down, he was blindfolded and could only sense the floating and particularly unstable sensation.

“Where are you bringing me to” After he said that, the speedboat engine started and set off.

The engine was roaring loudly, and seawater constantly splashed on his face.

“I smell seawater.

Am I on a speedboat Where are you guys sending me to” Lin Yantao asked.

Han Zhuoling was sent to a helicopter, but he did not panic at all.

When the helicopter rose up, Han Zhuoling finally asked, “This is a helicopter, right”

A director that was following him felt resigned.

It was very easy to tell if you are on a speedboat.

But being on a helicopter was different!

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