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Han Zhuoling thought Shi Xiaoya looked good like this; her original lip color was a delightful shade of pink.

There was no need for any lip balm to accentuate the color.

After she removed her makeup, he was surprised to find that her skin was similar to how it was in the day.

Still as fine and white.

Perhaps it was because she just washed her face and her face was still wet, making it look so moist.

As if water would come out if he squeezed her cheeks.

Han Zhuoling moved his hands behind him while squeezing his fingertips to curb the sudden temptation.

“Young Master Ling.” Shi Xiaoya lowered her hands; it wouldnt do to greet someone with a covered mouth.

Han Zhuoling also got to observed the pinkness of her lips.

It looked really good.

And also super soft.

“Youre going to wash up” Shi Xiaoya felt that it was a dumb question the moment it left her lips.

He was holding his materials used for cleaning—wasnt it a given

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and quickly said, “Then… I wont disturb you any further.

Rest early, tomorrow may be more tiring.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“You too.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled abashedly.

“Ill go first.”

She brushed past Han Zhuoling with her head still down.

A sea breeze carried her scent to his nose.

Han Zhuoling felt as if someone had tickled his heart.

It was a hot and tiring day, and the desert island was not ideal for a bath or shower.

He had no idea how Shi Xiaoya did it, to be able to keep her fresh scent.

Were all girls like this

The great Young Master Ling, who never bothered paying any attention to girls, found himself asking this question.

Han Zhuoling watched her enter her tent before leaving for the seaside for a quick wash.

Shi Xiaoya entered her tent and zipped it up before making do with a sleeping mask.

As she waited for it to dry, she lay facing up.

Grabbing her phone to surf the Net, she unexpectedly got Qin Zigous WeChat notification.

The production team did not confiscate the hosts phones since it was a competitive game of wits and not really about wilderness survival.

During the games, the production team gave each of the hosts a sponsored phone each, but the hosts could retain their own phones, which could be used outside of filming times.

Right then, Shi Xiaoya opened the message Qin Zigou sent.

Qin Zigou: “Say, whats with you and Han Zhuoling”

“Huh” Shi Xiaoya was confused by his question.

“What do you mean”

“Dont act the fool, I know you both have something going on.” Qin Zigou wasnt going to beat around the bush with her.

Both of them had known each other since they were young, and they both did not follow the path their families walked.

One learned about fashion designing, the other about makeup.

So they decided to open a company together, clicking with one another instantly.

After so many years, theyd become as good as siblings.

Of course, Qin Zigou treated Shi Xiaoya like his “brother” while Shi Xiaoya treated Qin Zigou as her best “gal.”

This was a conflict they had never been able to solve.

“Some… something” Shi Xiaoya sent a horrified emoji.

“I didnt offend him, did I Unless I did, or I did and I didnt notice Quick, tell me!”

Qin Zigou: “…”

“Pretend, continue pretending!” Qin Zigou sent a slapping emoji.

“It started from this morning, when he refused to let Yuan Yina touch him but wanted you specifically to do makeup for him, and then accepting your touch.”

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