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Chapter 1485: Arent Your Words Meant for Yourself

Her back was on Han Zhuolings sleeping bag, which still had his scent.

The smell of him surrounded Shi Xiaoya, and the tent was also permeated with it.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if her body wasnt hers anymore.

It was beyond her control.

He was pressing down on top of her, not a gap between them.

Han Zhuoling seemed to have placed his whole weight on her, his weight making it hard for her to breathe.

Suddenly, his breath got heavier.

She could feel the air of his breaths on her face.

Shi Xiaoya trembled from nerves, her breathing unstable and hurried, making her chest rise and fall in bigger waves.

Her chest was even squashed out of shape by his chest.

Shi Xiaoya was thankful that she wore her bra before coming over, or things wouldve been far more awkward now.

Even so, Han Zhuoling could still feel the softness through the thin piece of cotton.

Because of the hot weather here, and because Shi Xiaoyas cup wasnt small by any means, she liked to wear the thin types.

But Shi Xiaoya was now in a daze, flushing hot and red to the tips of her hair and completely forgetting about that, still grateful that shed put on her undergarment.

Not knowing that Han Zhuoling could still feel them extremely clearly.

A fire started in Han Zhuolings chest, which spread to the top of his head and down to the rest of his body.


Shi, do mind your manners,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

The fire in his body made his voice low and raspy, but his face was still frighteningly glacial.

Used to the darkness of the tent, Shi Xiaoya finally could make out his features.

She couldnt make out a clearer expression, but she certainly felt the fire in his eyes.

It was terrifying in the dark.

Yet he sounded furious, and Shi Xiaoya was confused by his words.

However, she found it funny.

This man had pinned her underneath him, yet he wanted her to mind her manners Was there something wrong with this

Shi Xiaoyas face darkened.

She might be afraid of him usually, but that didnt mean that she had no temper.

She didnt understand.

He was still fine yesterday, but there was something wrong with him now!

“Young Master Ling, arent your words meant for yourself” Shi Xiaoya found it ridiculous.

She was the one who got yanked in and pinned underneath.

But he wanted her to mind her manners instead

Shi Xiaoyas chest rose and fell even more furiously as she became more angry.

Han Zhuoling scoffed.

“Ive seen many women who came to knock on my door in the middle of the night.

But youre the first Ive seen who cant even wait until weve reached the hotel, still dressed in your pajamas and meeting me at my tent.

You dont even mind that there are other hosts and production crews around us—are you so impatient”

The words Han Zhuoling spoke became even more sarcastic.

“Shi Xiaoya, Im really disappointed in you.”

He thought that she was different.

He gave her more attention and patience because of this difference.

But now, he realized that she was not that different.

Worse, shes even more shameless.

Han Zhuoling was more than disappointed.

He was intensely furious from the bottom of his heart.

He didnt even know why he was so angry.

He got angry when women knocked on his door before, but that was from annoyance and disgust.

But now, it was because of extreme disappointment, and of a rising sense of helplessness, of not knowing why he was feeling this way.

Because he did not know the reason, he got even more violent.

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