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Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Why was he posturing as if hes in the right

Since Han Zhuoling wouldnt let go of her anyway, Shi Xiaoya just shifted her gaze away and let him apply the ointment.

After both wrists were done, the director asked weakly, “Young Master Ling, can we continue filming”

The production team invited you here to film a show, not come here for a date!

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Lets start.”

But today was different.

Yesterday, Shi Xiaoya kept throwing questions at Han Zhuoling.

Today, due to whatever conflict they were having, they didnt speak a word to each.

Shi Xiaoya was especially distant from Han Zhuoling since the beginning.

It appeared that Han Zhuoling wanted to talk to Shi Xiaoya, but Shi Xiaoya kept giving him the cold shoulder.

The image was too strange.

This great Young Master Han was always the one ignoring others, and today, he became one of the ignored.

And Han Zhuoling actually took the initiative to find topics to chat about with Shi Xiaoya!

This was too strange!

But now, Shi Xiaoya refused to talk to Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuoling didnt open his mouth either.

The director then realized that Han Zhuolings talkativeness yesterday was due to him explaining things to Shi Xiaoya.

If he wasnt going to speak, how were they going to broadcast the show

Its not as if they could cut all of Han Zhuolings scenes.

The director bit the bullet and asked, “Young Master Ling, you were leading yesterday but lagging behind today.

Are you not the least bit anxious The newest lead is in Qin Zigous hands.”

It was clearly the director who asked, but Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya before replying, “Even if I get the clue, victory isnt guaranteed.”

“Oh” The director perked up.

“Are you that sure You know what that clue is”

“I dont need to know,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Because the clue was added by the production team at the last minute after your emergency meeting last night.

Am I right”

“Thats right.” The director nodded.

Wasnt it because the challenges yesterday were clearly a piece of cake to him that the production team decided to add another challenge at the last minute

Otherwise, the audience would just be watching Han Zhuoling breeze through the whole thing.

What would be the entertainment value of the show then

Han Zhuoling then said, “That means that even without the latest challenge added this morning, the three clues are more than enough for me to reach the end.

So whats the problem even without the fourth clue”

Director: “…”

Youre so logical, I cant even refute you.

“The third clue wasnt difficult for me,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ive solved it yesterday.”

As if to prove something after he finished his sentence, he glanced at Shi Xiaoya again.

Sadly, Shi Xiaoya wasnt looking at him.

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips, silent once more.

Han Zhuoling went straight for the last mission without saying anything else.

Different from previously when they were asked to solve the clue, the mission this time was in a small, temporarily built room.

Someone guarded the door and, seeing Han Zhuoli come over, said, “Hello.

Im the doorkeeper.

Please show me your token.”

The token was the final clue added last minute that morning.

People with the four clues could directly enter the room.

“Dont have it,” Han Zhuoling replied crisply.

Doorkeeper: “…”

He had never seen such a straightforward one.

Other celebrities would have beaten around the bush and attempted to sneak in.

But with Han Zhuoling, a simple “dont have it” was it.

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