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Chapter 1498: Im Just Saying, Why Are You Blushing

Coming out to shoot a variety show was really not any easier than working normally.

Besides using up all your energy for the day, he had even been woken up this morning before the sun rose.

Afterward, it was another round of rushing around without a chance to rest at all.

By the time the filming ended, it was already the afternoon.

After returning to the hotel to rest for a while, he would have to rush back to B City through the night.

A workaholic like Han Zhuoling would definitely not stay outside for a night without working.

So he used the chance on the road to the airport to close his eyes and pretend to sleep.

When Han Zhuoling closed his eyes, Tong Chunian quietly sneaked a look at him.

Previously, when Han Zhuoling had just finished filming and had not returned to the hotel, hed already sent a WeChat message to Tong Chunian, asking the latter to check which flight Shi Xiaoya had bought to return to B City.

Tong Chunians actions were really fast.

He found out within ten minutes that Shi Xiaoyas flight was one and a half hours later than Han Zhuolings.

At that time, Han Zhuoling was still on the road back to the hotel.

The moment Tong Chunian sent the news over, Han Zhuoling replied to him within seconds.

“Change my flight to the same flight as Shi Xiaoyas.”

Tong Chunian really had a mind filled with questions at that time.

Ever since that morning makeup session at the hotel, he could tell that Han Zhuolings attitude towards Shi Xiaoya was a little different from other people.

Han Zhuoling seemed to be going right for Shi Xiaoya and pointed right at her to be his makeup artist.

Perhaps even without Yuan Yinas incident, Han Zhuoling would also have thought of a way to get Shi Xiaoya swapped.

Being Han Zhuolings assistant for so many years, Tong Chunian had never seen Han Zhuoling treating someone else so differently before.

However, Han Zhuoling was not being very obvious at that time, so Tong Chunian only had a little bit of curiosity in his heart and forgot about it after that.

Yet Han Zhuoling actually made him change his flight to be the same as Shi Xiaoyas.

It made Tong Chunians heart itch for gossip.

What was going on with Han Zhuolings attitude towards Shi Xiaoya


On Shi Xiaoyas side, when they reached the airport, both of them brought their assistants to the first class lounge to rest.

Qin Zigou ordered four cups of coffee.

When it came, he said, “Alright.

Now there are no other people.

Tell me, what exactly happened in the morning”

After a whole day, Shi Xiaoya was actually not as angry as she had been at the start.

Of course, this did not mean that she could treat Han Zhuoling the same way she did before.

But now, she could already say it calmly.

“Its nothing much.

There was just some misunderstanding.”

“What happened You cant even tell me now” Qin Zigou tsked at her and said, “Is it because our Xiaoya has someone in her heart now and is starting to keep secrets”

“What are you talking about!” Shi Xiaoyas face suddenly flushed red.

“Hey, Im just saying.

Why are you blushing!” Qin Zigou teased her.

“Who… Whose face is red!” Shi Xiaoya covered her face in denial.

“Youre not only blushing, youre stuttering as well.” Qin Zigou snorted.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“Say it.

What exactly is going on If you dont say it, I will keep on harping on it in my mind.

That makes me uncomfortable,” Qin Zigou said.

Shi Xiaoya only then told him what Han Zhuoling had misunderstood about her, but she did not describe it in detail.

She was not so angry now, so she only briefly described the situation.

Luckily, she had not told Qin Zigou in the morning.

She was at the height of her rage at that time.

The words she might have said then would surely not have been as calm as what shed said now.

She might have poured everything out as it was, unlike now, when she mentioned only three out of 10 of what actually happened.

But even so, Qin Zigou was still bursting with anger.

“That bastard.

Ill go look for him!”

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