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Shi Xiaoya didnt put him in a spot either.

Considering Han Zhuolings character, she felt that he wouldnt write anything inappropriate, so there wouldnt be any awkwardness to be seen by others.

Hold up!

Shi Xiaoya suddenly froze.

She had nothing going on with Han Zhuoling.

What could he write in the card!

Shi Xiaoya secretly pinched herself.

What active imagination!

Could Han Zhuoling write those mushy words


They werent in that type of relationship, so why would Han Zhuoling write such…

Xiao Zhang was observing from one side, not knowing what Shi Xiaoya was thinking for her to blush so furiously.

She handed the flowers to Guo Yujie while she took the envelope, not opening it.

She had no idea why she was hesitating.

Xiao Zhang stared, and Shi Xiaoya finally tore open the envelope and took out the card inside.

But she paused when she saw the words on it.

She never expected Han Zhuoling to write so simply.

Just three words: I am sorry.

Followed by his name.

Six words in total, but powerful just like his person.

Every stroke revealed mighty control.

“Understood.” Shi Xiaoya told Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang was taken aback.

Just… just like this

“Nothing else” Xiao Zhang asked further.

“Nothing else.” Shi Xiaoya smiled politely at Xiao Zhang.

“Sorry for the trouble.

Theres no need for such trouble next time.”

Shi Xiaoya then said, “Yujie, send Mr.

Zhang out.”

Xiao Zhang saw that he probably wont be hearing anything else, and Han Zhuoling was probably in for a disappointment.

“Theres no need to see me out.

Ill be going,” Xiao Zhang hurriedly said, thanking the suggestion and leaving by himself.

But he purposely slowed his pace.

What if Shi Xiaoya regretted and called for him to carry other words

In the end, Shi Xiaoya never called for him, but he heard Guo Yujie tell Shi Xiaoya, “Right, New York Universitys exchange team is coming to B City next week.

Theyre going to hold a welcome dinner at the National Film Academy, and the exchange students from the four schools on our side will all gather at B City.

“The welcome party will invite many celebs from the entertainment industry, from veteran actors to popular new leads.

Jiang Yuhan is one of the guests, and she wants you to do her makeup for her.” Guo Yujie checked the schedule.

“Its next Friday.

You have no work then.”

When she heard the National Film Academy, Shi Xiaoya first thought of Lu Man.

But it was just a dinner party.

Lu Man might not be there, so she might not require her services.

But Shi Xiaoya said, “No idea if Lu Man needs me, let me ask her first.

If she doesnt need me, then agree with Jiang Yuhan.”

“Alright.” Guo Yujie nodded.

As Xiao Zhang walked, he thought that this lass really had initiative.

Who wouldve considered so much over a simple thing But Shi Xiaoya first thought of Lu Man.

No wonder Young Master Ling liked her.

Back at his company, Xiao Zhang hurriedly went to Han Zhuolings office.

Tong Chunian stopped him at the door.

“How was it”

Xiao Zhang shook his head and sighed.

“What is it Did you fail to deliver it or what” Tong Chunian asked nervously.

“I did deliver it, and right into her hands.

I even stared at her brazenly for her to finish reading the card.

But after reading it, she didnt say if shes forgiving him or not.

Shes just cool anyway.

I think its uncertain for our Young Master Ling,” Xiao Zhang said softly.

“Oh, right, can I enter now” Xiao Zhang asked.

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