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Chapter 1524: I Felt Insulted

Dean He smiled on the surface but kept rolling his eyes in his mind.

Learn from their acting classes and study different performing styles.

Were they supposed to make the teachers teach in English and make all the students in class accommodate them

Dean He put on a fake smile and said, “Youre too kind.

Come with me, this way.”

Dean He brought the team of people over to the area outside the classroom where the acting practice class was being held.

The door to the classroom had a glass window the size of a human face.

Although they said they would just watch from the side without talking, they could not possibly really let the whole bunch of them stand outside and peer in from that tiny glass window, right

Dean He could only knock on the door and push it open.

He stood at the door and said to Teacher Hong in an apologetic tone, “Teacher Hong, my apologies for interrupting your class.

The guests from the exchange team are touring around our school and want to take a look at how our classes are conducted.”

Teacher Hong and Dean He exchanged glances.

It was evident both of them did not really think well of such behavior from the exchange team.

However, Teacher Hong still had an intuitive understanding of the exchange team.

She politely smiled and said, “Please come in.”

When the exchange students all came in, Teacher Hong let her students leave out some space for the exchange students to sit down.

“Today, the exchange students from New York University came here to tour around our school.

I think everyone knows already.

They are here to watch us having class, nothing else.

Lets continue with the class.”

Teacher Hong called two students up to perform.

Although the students from the exchange team did not understand Chinese, they could understand their performance, from their body language to their emotions.

Many of them shook their heads and were becoming even more disdainful.

With such standards, they still wanted to compete with them

Leo chuckled.

“To be honest, the best students in our school are left behind and did not come over.

Among this batch of students, aside from Shana, the rest are all second or third rank students.”

Howard actually did not get angry when he heard that.

He was indeed a second rank.

He had to admit that his skills were not as good.

In their school, there were too many people who were better than he was.

If that were not so, he would have been selected into the team that would remain in school, not on the exchange team.

But this did not mean that he admitted defeat.

He would rise to the first rank sooner or later.

“Even so, this bunch of people might not even be able to compare with any of us.

Whoever they pick to compete against any one of us, they would not have any winning chances at all.” Leo shook his head in disdain.

“They are too weak.”

Howard chuckled.

“Even the top students they picked out of their whole country lost when they came to our school, much less those weak people who were left behind.”

Another girl called Colleen also said in a low voice, “The expressions and actions of that girl wearing a black shirt is too exaggerated, as if shes afraid that people wont know shes acting.

The other one in white just cant get into the mood of acting.

When she is not in character, the expressions on her face become very superficial.”

Nottington scoffed lightly.

“With such standards, they actually want to compete against us This is simply an insult to our acting skills.

I dont know what you guys are thinking.

Anyway, if my opponent were such a person, I would feel insulted.”

They spoke in soft voices, and they spoke fast.

The students from the performing arts major spent much of their time in high school focusing on learning acting, so their English literacy rate was average.

Furthermore, these people were speaking too softly.

No one actually clearly heard what they said.

Lu Man was sitting opposite them.

She was too far away, so she could not hear what they were saying at all.

But she could see the obvious looks of disdain on their faces.

Pan Xue quietly tugged Lu Man and said in a low voice, “Why do I feel like the expressions on the faces of these exchange students are a little off Am I thinking too much”

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