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Chapter 1536: Did He Not Have Human Rights Anymore

“Theyre just putting on a show for others to see so they could gain popularity.

A big boss of the entertainment industry and an actress, theyre plenty familiar with how the show business works.

Such publicity is essential for them,” someone stated as if she saw through everything.

“Tsk!” Another said in disagreement, “What are you salty about Youre being a sour grape and all.

Just because someone else is happy you think theyre faking it.

People like you better not have anything good.

Han Zhuoli needs to publicize himself He is popularity itself.

Does he need to fake romance to gain attention Pfft.

What a joke.”

“Ignore her, shes just jealous.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had kept their marriage a secret for so long.

If they wanted to show off, theyd have done so earlier.

No need to wait until now.”

“Ha, didnt they go public with their relationship in the end And they chose to do it during the live-stream of the film festival, at the most followed event.

And you guys still believe them How naive.” The first woman sneered, acting like she knew best.

“Its okay if you dont believe it.

We believe them anyways, and we are willing to accept their reasons for revealing their marriage and for keeping it a secret before.

At least the reasons look sincere to me, and are understandable.

Why didnt they choose to disclose it earlier Isnt it because there are people like you out there who think that all of Lu Mans achievements were due to Han Zhuoli”

That person sneered, “Youre a woman, yet youre unable to wish another woman well.


If youre in Lu Mans shoes, could you be like her Dont say that Lu Man only depended on Han Zhuoli.

Its you who want to depend on men to succeed, and thats why you have these thoughts and think other women are like you.

Did you see with your own eyes how they live or what To think that you know everything.”

“Then did you see them with your own eyes or what” the other party argued back.

“Thats right, neither you nor I have seen anything, so we dont know how they really are.

Thus, we should stop with our opinionated assumptions.

They have their lives, what has it go to do with you”

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli had no idea a small argument was breaking out beside them due to them.

Right now, Han Zhuoli was smiling at Lu Man, and Lu Man whispered, “Everyones staring at you and Big Brother!”

All were looking, be it men or women.

Lu Man smallmindedly took out a pair of shades from her bag.

The shades were Han Zhuolis.

He drove over, and when night fell, he took them off and deposited them in her bag.

Meanwhile, she took out the sunglasses and crooked her finger at Han Zhuoli.

“Lower your head.”

Han Zhuoli had already done it before she even asked.

Lu Man placed the shades on him.

“Cover your face.

Dont let others see it.”

“The skys dark now.

Its strange to wear sunglasses.” Han Zhuoli laughed.

“Can you see” Lu Man waved in front of his face.

Han Zhuoli laughed as he went to hold her hand.


“Then its fine.” Lu Man blinked at Han Zhuoli.

“Let them look at Brother if they wish, since he doesnt have a girlfriend managing him.”

Han Zhuoli scratched her nose.

Whod have guessed she was also waiting for Han Zhuoling.

Lu Man had clearly learned all of Lin Liyes tricks.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Did he not have human rights anymore

Finally slighting Han Zhuoling for once, Lu Man didnt really intend for Han Zhuoli to wear the shades and garner more attention.

Its already night and hes wearing shades.

Didnt that make him appear crazy

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