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Chapter 1542: Sarcasm

These words were basically implying that those praises were probably spread by people whom Shi Xiaoya found so that she could create a reputation for herself.

Guo Yujie was fuming at the side.

If shed known earlier, she would not have let Shi Xiaoya take on this job!

She had made up her mind not to take on any jobs from Jiang Yuhan in the future!

Guo Yujie was about to go up and confront Jiang Yuhan, but she was patted on the shoulder by Shi Feng.

Shi Feng asked her to calm down and bear with it a little.

She was just an assistant.

How could she fight against Jiang Yuhan

She was not Shi Xiaoya, who would not be afraid of offending Jiang Yuhan.

Also, there was another reason.

“I saw just now.

Xiaoya seems to be looking for photos.

You just wait for a while first,” Shi Feng said in a small voice.

Guo Yujie only calmed down then and saw Shi Xiaoya taking her phone and showing the phone screen to Jiang Yuhan.

“You mentioned female stars from Hollywood.

Its perfect that I have quite a few photos here as well.”

Aside from looking at the red carpet makeup of local female celebrities and learning from them, she would also look at the red carpet makeup from various major international film festivals.

The features of Westerners differ from Orientals.

Their biggest unique features are their eyes and noses.

Much of the makeup that Westerners could use was not suitable for Orientals.

However, Shi Xiaoya felt that she could work hard to develop her career internationally.

Just like how Qin Zigou wanted to aim for the Oscars, Shi Xiaoya too wanted to work hard to venture into overseas production crews.

There was one aspect which films and television dramas in the country cannot be compared to with other countries.

It was the variety of themes.

There were many themes that were banned within the country.

Zombie-themed films remained absent in the local film scene.

She actually really wanted to challenge herself to it.

On the international stage, the challenge makeup artists face are much tougher, and there are more things to learn as well.

She did not want to just do this kind of normal makeup.

She wanted even more to challenge herself to try many kinds of special effects makeup.

The first step would have to start from familiarizing herself with the facial features of people from various countries.

Hence, she set up a case file by country.

Under each countrys case file, she also set up individual case files for some famous female celebrities which contained photos of different styles.

Without exaggerating, as long as Jiang Yuhan could name a person, she could immediately find that person for Jiang Yuhan, so she was not afraid of Jiang Yuhan nitpicking on her at all.

Shi Xiaoya zoomed in on the photo at the eyes.

“Red lip makeup has always been a common feature of red carpets.

This one here has a red lip makeup on, but look at her eyes.

Even her eyelashes were very lightly tinted.

It is precisely to avoid stealing the limelight from the lip makeup.

“If you say that one person cannot really prove anything, I have photos of her makeup dating up to 10 years back.

Although the specialties of makeup 10 years ago would differ from now, the balance between makeup on different parts of the face would not change.

“If you say that this female celebrity still doesnt explain much, I also have photos of other currently famous female stars.

As long as you can name someone, I have them all here,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Jiang Yuhans face was pale from anger.

Even the makeup that had just been applied on her face could not conceal her displeasure.

Shi Xiaoya acted as if she did not see it and found the photos of various female stars one by one for her.

“You can look at the eye makeup of this lady…

“This one too, you can take a look…

“The makeup of this person here happens to be drawn by the chief makeup artist of the brand she endorses.

As for the brand that she endorses, I think you have probably seen it in their advertisement.

That chief makeup artist is someone I can never compare to.” Shi Xiaoya gave a small smile.

Other than that, there was no other excess expression on her face.

But in Jiang Yuhans eyes, it seemed sarcastic no matter how she saw it.

Shi Xiaoya was clearly saying that if she was not even pleased with Shi Xiaoya, then she probably would not even be satisfied with an internationally acclaimed makeup artist.

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