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Chapter 1544: Hopefully Boss Can Do Well


Shi, these flowers are from our Boss.” Xiao Zhang was very prudent.

He did not know what was going on between Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling, so it would not be good to casually out Han Zhuoling in front of others.

Because if he mentioned Young Master Ling, who wouldnt know who he was

It was just like how Young Master Han would only be used by Han Zhuoli.

With Han Zhuoling around, no one else would dare to call themselves Young Master Ling.

Shi Xiaoya took the flowers.

She glanced at Xu Fei and the rest.

None of them seemed to be leaving and seemed to want to stay and watch.

Xiao Zhang did not leave either.

As long as they did not know who it was from, Xiao Zhang did not care whether they were looking or not.

He stared with a smiling face at Shi Xiaoya.


Shi, take a look at the card inside.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya said helplessly, “May I look at it later”

But thinking of Xiao Zhangs determined behavior over the past few days, Shi Xiaoya sighed and did not hope for Xiao Zhang to let her off now.

She just resigned herself to go and take the card.

But then Xiao Zhang said, “Theres no rush today.

You can look at it after you go and sit at the audience seats later.”

Xiao Zhang stared at the other people with a smiley face before saying, “Its not very convenient to look at it here either.”

And after sitting down, next to Han Zhuoling, she would be able to say whatever she wanted to directly to Han Zhuoling after reading it.

Wouldnt that be even better

He would not need to convey the same message again either.

Its just perfect.

Han Zhuoling could personally hear Shi Xiaoya speak to him.

Xiao Zhang calculated it really well.

He thought to himself that he could only help this far, and he hoped that his boss could do well.

The corners of Shi Xiaoyas mouth twitched.

“Well, thank you very much.”

At least he did not insist on making her read the card here, in front of so many people.

Shi Xiaoya really would not be able to do it.

“I will leave first,” Xiao Zhang said as he smiled.

Shi Xiaoya felt it was strange.

“You dont need to stay”

“No need, I can go home first,” Xiao Zhang replied as he laughed.

Shi Xiaoya then smiled and said, “Take care.”

Xiao Zhang bade farewell to Shi Xiaoya politely and left.

Jiang Yuhan had heard Xiao Zhang mention the word “Boss.” She thought to herself, this person that was courting Shi Xiaoya seemed to be quite rich.

She just did not know how old he was.

Hearing that the man called him “Boss,” Jiang Yuhan subconsciously formed an image of a fat, middle-aged man in her mind.

Shi Xiaoya did not know what Jiang Yuhan was thinking and could not be bothered with her either.

They left in a single file and prepared to be seated.

At this moment, in the schools auditorium.

The students were already seated.

The school did not price the tickets for this welcome party.

The total number of students in the National Film Academy was not a lot.

There were only so many students that the school accepted every year, so they adopted a business model approach.

There was a class for each profession, and there were at most 40 or 50 people in a class.

This big auditorium was good enough for a venue.

Outside of the VIP seats, the rest of the seats were filled completely.

However, there were some students who still did not manage to find a seat.

Luckily, they prepared many chairs beforehand and placed them at the aisles on both sides.

It was good enough for them to sit on for a while.

Principal Liu brought the schools leaders to come and receive Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Lu Man saw that Zheng Yuan and the girls had saved a seat for her when she came in and were waving to her.

Lu Man then told Han Zhuoli, “I will go there and sit.

They saved a seat for me.”

Han Zhuoli glanced over and saw that it was a bit far.

“Im already here, why do you still have to sit separately from me” Han Zhuoli held on to her hand and did not want to let her go.

Principal Liu smiled and said, “Lu Man, you can just sit with Young Master Han.

I have long since prepared a seat for you in front.”

When Lu Man heard that, she said, “Alright, then.

I will go and tell Zheng Yuan and the girls.”

Han Zhuoli nodded.

Lu Man then walked over to let Zheng Yuan and the girls know.

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