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Chapter 1555: Stunned

“Didnt you use the casualyou before when were filming You used it so naturally too.” Han Zhuoling frowned.

“Didnt you say you forgave me”

Shi Xiaoya quickly waved off his concern.

“Its really fine now, I just got used to it.

Plus… probably seeing you being serious right now doesnt help.

You wore casual clothes during filming, unlike now when youre all decked out in suit and leather.

Seeing these just…”

Make one use honorifics, not daring to go overboard.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He huffed.

“Then dont use the honorificyou anymore next time.

It sounds so distant.”

Hearing her use that word made him discomfited all over.

He spoke as if they were very close, Shi Xiaoya thought.

But she also couldnt help thinking that her relationship with Han Zhuoling was probably better than others.

“Alright.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Han Zhuoling then moved away.

When Shi Xiaoya walked past him, she smiled up at him.

Shed barely walked two steps before Han Zhuoling called, “Wait.”

Shi Xiaoya stopped and turned to look at him.

Han Zhuoling walked over with big steps.

“Ill send you up.”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him in surprise.

She wanted to say that theres no need as her neighborhood was quite safe.

Even though shed moved out to set up her own company, her family wouldnt let her suffer by herself outside.

So they had bought her a flat in this neighborhood.

The amenities in this area were not bad, and the security was good as well.

Strangers were not allowed in.

Her family would be assured while she lived by herself only if her safety was guaranteed at least.

Plus, her flat had direct elevator access.

Directly outside the lift was her home.

If Han Zhuoling sent her up, wouldnt that mean…

Shi Xiaoya quickly rejected, “Its alright, the security heres exceptional.

Youve probably seen it when you entered.

The security officer wont let you in if youre a stranger.

Plus, Im fine every time I go home by myself.”

“Thats different.” Han Zhuoling was extremely gentlemanly.

“You cant help it going home alone, but since Im here today, I cant let you go up alone.”

Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

“Relax, Ill just send you to your doorstep.

I dont have any other ideas.”

Shi Xiaoya scratched her head, saying embarrassedly, “I wasnt really thinking about that.

If you put it that way, it would seem like Im cautioning against you.”

The latter half was mumbled, but Han Zhuoling managed to catch it.

Not only was he not upset, he even grinned.

He felt that she was too polite just now, and he didnt like that at all.

Yet she actually sounded a little sulky just now; she had obviously relaxed once more around him.

How could he not be glad

“Then lets go.” Han Zhuolings happiness laced his voice.

Unsure if she heard correctly, Shi Xiaoya tagged along behind Han Zhuoling without further questions.

Han Zhuoling pressed for the lift.

The lift was on the ground floor, so they neednt wait before the doors opened.

Han Zhuoling went in with Shi Xiaoya, who took out her card to activate the lift before pressing for her floor.

Han Zhuoling watched silently from one side, reassured about the security here.

When the lift stopped and the doors opened, Han Zhuoling was stunned.

A wide corridor entered his sight.

Towards the left wall was a sturdy wooden stool, while a shoe cabinet was on the opposite side.

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