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Chapter 1561: Follow

“Actually, my house is very simple,” Shi Xiaoya said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“You must be hungry, Ill go cook the noodles.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

He did not stay on and left the room with Shi Xiaoya.

Both of them went to the living room.

Shi Xiaoya even turned on the television for him, found the remote, and passed it to him.

“I dont usually watch it, so I dont know what nice shows are on now.

You can change the channel yourself.”

“Dont mind me.” Han Zhuoling held the remote and said, “Ill change the channel casually.”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him in his proper suit.

He did not look casual no matter how she looked at him.

But she did not say anything more and quickly went to the kitchen to busy herself.

Despite being born into a rich family, she seemed to be gifted when it came to cooking.

She did not need to learn purposely and was able to get the hang of it just by experimenting with it.

This was especially so when it came to cooking noodles.

It was especially simple.

When Shi Xiaoya was cooking noodles in the kitchen, Han Zhuoling opened up Weibo and found the homepage of Shi Xiaoyas account.

He clicked to follow her without any hesitation at all.

Afterward, he saw that her Weibo mostly posted information about products and videos.

There were products that she personally liked and recommended, and there were also brand-sponsored advertisements.

There were also some work-related Weibo posts.

Such as who she did makeup for today.

He saw that she had a Weibo post that mentioned she had joined the production team of Survivor as a makeup artist.

However, she did not mention that she put on makeup for Jiang Yuhan today.

Han Zhuoling found her latest video and opened it.

It was an intricately designed video.

“Hi, everyone, I am Shi Xiaoya.” It was a very simple self-introduction.

She looked quite lively in front of the camera.

Once she smiled, her eyes would curve into crescents, which looked exceptionally nice.

“Todays makeup was inspired by Joni in her new movie…” In the video, Shi Xiaoya spoke with smiley eyes.

Han Zhuoling noticed that the background behind her was really the same as what he saw in the study just now.

It was just that after the video had been edited, the color looked nicer and more classy.

Han Zhuoling watched Shi Xiaoya teaching in a focused manner in the video, explaining the kind of product to use at every step, what color was being used, things to note about technique, and the details to take note of.

When he was more than halfway through the video, Shi Xiaoya brought out two bowls of noodles with a tray and put them on the table.

“Young Master Ling, come and have the noodles.”

Han Zhuoling replied, “Mm.”

He stood up and walked towards the dining room while rolling up his sleeves to his elbows, revealing his strong and muscular forearms.

Shi Xiaoya only then noticed that she did not know when Han Zhuoling had taken off his suit and coat.

He had even undone his tie.

The collar of his shirt had been properly buttoned up to the first button with a tie strung around it.

But now, three buttons on his shirt had already been undone, revealing his collarbones that were right in the center.

Shi Xiaoya was no stranger to Han Zhuolings collarbones.

When they were filming the show, Han Zhuoling wore comfortable clothes, so, naturally, they revealed his collarbones.

But as she looked at Han Zhuolings updo now, it still felt very different.

Shi Xiaoya felt that she was being attacked visually.

He was… a little too sexy.

As a makeup artist, Shi Xiaoya had had her fair share of instances doing makeup artist for models.

Male models, female models.

There were also male artistes who needed to do photoshoots.

She would also go and do their makeup for them.

When doing photoshoots for magazines, many male artistes would make seductive poses and expressions.

The main point was to make female readers buy those magazines.

Those who just bared their upper body or half-covered it revealed way more skin than Han Zhuoling did.

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