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Shi Xiaoya noticed that most comments were similar—apart from gushing about her new tutorial, they all pressed for more information regarding her and Han Zhuoling.

But what did she have with Han Zhuoling

She really had nothing to say.

So Shi Xiaoya ignored all those comments and closed her Weibo, then posted her video on Bilibili1 and on her WeChat official account.

When she was done, she took a look at the time and got ready for some bedtime stretches.

She was about to start on it back in her room when her phones notification rang.

It was for her WeChat.

She opened the app and saw a red notification above the “best friend request” sign.

A new request was waiting for her when she clicked on the friend request page.

She tapped on it, and it revealed three simple characters: Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya was surprised, for she did not exchange any forms of contact information with Han Zhuoling.

Not phone numbers, WeChat, or any others.

How did he get hold of her WeChat

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoling was at home, having bathed and dressed in his pajamas.

He leaned comfortably against the headboard.

B Citys vibrant night scenery sprawled from his window.

Though the stars in the sky couldnt be seen, the sea of bright colors from the roads and buildings below was another lovely sight to behold.

Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng were surprised by his early return today.

Then they noticed his missing tie while his coat was draped over his arms.

Others might still appear neat in this getup, but it made Han Zhuoling look especially slovenly.

“Brother, didnt you attend the National Film Academys dinner party Why did you come back looking like this” Han Zhuofeng asked in astonishment.

“Wheres your tie”

Han Zhuoling reached for his tie subconsciously but pinched at air instead.

Remembering just where hed left his tie, he said, “The ties restricting, so I removed it.”

“Youre back early today.” Though Lin Liye wanted Han Zhuoling to help Han Zhuoli reduce his workload, she was glad to see him return home early.

“Did you eat dinner on time Are you hungry Do you want supper”

Han Zhuoling thought of the noodles he had eaten not long ago and was still warm from it.

“No need, thanks.

I ate dinner on time and also had a bowl of noodles just now.

Im good.”

“You ate in a restaurant” Lin Liye asked.

“Was it clean”

“Its homemade and the tastes great.

And its clean,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“Ill shower and change first.”

Lin Liye looked on as Han Zhuoling walked away, nonplussed.

She tugged at Han Zhuofeng.

“Your brothers strange.”

“What is it” Han Zhuofeng didnt understand.

Lin Liye pursed her lips and looked at this hopeless son of hers.

If it wasnt for the fact that hes still young and theres little urgency, she wouldve been worrying for both Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuofengs personal lives.

How unobservant!

“When has your brother ever returned before midnight” The company was almost his home.

Even when he had to entertain his clients, he would still return to his office to work afterward.

Lin Liye recounted slowly to Han Zhuofeng, “Its not even 11 pm now and hes already back.

Not only did he have dinner on time, he even ate supper.

When has he ever taken such good care of himself

“And did you hear what he said just now He had noodles for supper, and its homemade! Delicious and clean.” Lin Liye grabbed Han Zhuofengs hand in agitation.

“Homemade! By right, thehome in homemade should mean our home, but he didnt have them here.

What other homes are there”

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