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Chapter 1579: An Opportunity to Collaborate

Among this lineup, aside from Zheng Yuan and Yu Jingxian, the rest had all competed in the Chinese Arts Championships before.

As for the new freshmen batch, although there were students who were already famous before they got in, they still lacked a solid foundation, so the school did not add Year 1 students into the team.

Li Zeyu and the other Year 4 students did not go to New York as exchange students last year either.

It was another group of three that went.

That was why they had the time to participate in the Chinese Arts Championships.

It was just that after those three went to New York, two of them stayed there to further their studies and did not return.

The other person came back and solely focused on developing her career, not caring about school matters at all.

Dean He from the Performing Arts school contacted that student before, but that student mentioned that she was filming a show outside and not able to return as the reason for her rejection of the offer.

Dean He even sighed before because of this.

The school groomed them and gave them the chance to further their studies, yet now when the school was in need, none of them were willing to come back to help.

It was Li Zeyu and the other four who still came back when they received Dean Hes call, even though they were no longer in school as Year 4 students.

Lu Man and the other nine people gathered in a small meeting room in the school.

Principal Liu, Dean He, Teacher Yao, and Teacher Hong were all present.

“The format of the competition has been announced,” Principal Liu said.

“Each school will compete in one team competition, unlike the Chinese Arts Championships, which had used many different modes of competition.

The individual competition segment is removed to shorten the process and duration of the competition.

As it is called a friendly competition, the competition process cannot be too formal.”

Actually, the other teachers were unhappy as well.

Since they were going to call it a friendly competition and theyre not going to hold a formal competition, then there should not be a need to have a win-lose bet.

Who knew just which brainless person came up with that idea

“This time, the format of the competition allows a team of 10 to decide what they want to perform.

We are scheduled to compete with the exchange team in the last round,” Dean He said.

“What we need to do now is to first confirm the piece you want to perform.

Thereafter, decide which character each person is going to play.

As for the director, we also need to make a list of names to select from.”

Principal Liu then said, “The competition this time is very important, so we are very particular about choosing a director as well.

We wont just randomly choose a teacher from the Directing major.

The teachers from the Directing major will cooperate with us this time, but we hope even more to be able to invite a renowned director to come and guide you all.”

The usual way of learning was very important, but a good director would know even better how to guide actors and develop their acting potential.

Theyd know what they want in this performance segment and what kind of effect they want the actors to evoke in this performance.

Aside from Lu Man, everyone else was very excited.

No matter the result of the competition this time around, at least they would have a chance to work with a renowned director and receive direct guidance from them.

Students who were still in school could not act in films.

Even if they could, as newcomers, they would not have a very impressive background either.

It would already be pretty good if they got a role to act in, be it a lead role or a supporting role.

How would they even dream of working with a renowned director

Even Li Zeyu and the other students who were now in Year 4 and could go out to act did not have a chance to act in a film, let alone work with a renowned director.

Among the four of them, Li Zeyu and Dong Jingxi had the best development in their careers.

But both of them mainly acted in television dramas and belonged to the category of newly popular young actors.

They were not at the level of a B-list, yet they were still slightly better than a C-list, so they were in an awkward position.

Hence, when they heard Principal Liu say that, all of them could not help but be excited.

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