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Chapter 1585: Unwilling to Leave After Seeing Her

“Its the same for Deng Xu and me.

Back in the days when Deng Xu was not yet as accomplished as he is now, investors did not like his movies, feeling that they were not commercial enough.

Its the Han Corporation who supported him, investing heavily in movie after movie.

“So now, whenever we need him, hell always do it without hesitation.

And the Han Corporation maintains a good working relationship with him.

Truthfully, the Han Corporation doesnt really need his help for anything, so Deng Xus been feeling bad, thinking that he never has the chance to repay the Han Corporations favor.”

It could be said that without the Han Corporations support back then, there would be no Deng Xu today.

“So he was glad I asked him to help this time.

Im not owing him a favor, hes returning mine,” Han Zhuoli said.

However, Lu Man still thought that the Han Corporation investing in Deng Xu back then was a humongous favor.

And asking Deng Xu to help now to return the favor from back then was slightly unbalanced.

Its Han Zhuolis big loss.

But Han Zhuolis doing this for her, so Lu Man didnt say anything much.

When they reached the classrooms entrance, Han Zhuoli said, “I still have work to do in the office, gotta go first.”

“Alright, hurry back,” Lu Man replied.

Though its a Saturday, Han Zhuoli still had to work overtime.

“Any idea when you are going to finish in the afternoon” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man shook her head.

“Hard to say, but probably wont be too late.

Were only confirming things today, so we cant practice immediately.

We still have to wait for the script to be edited and such.

Its quite a hassle.”

Han Zhuoli considered something before saying, “Then give me a call when youre done.

If you finished first, let Xiao Guo send you to the family home first and Ill come by later.

If I finish first, Ill give you a lift.”

“Alright.” Lu Man agreed readily.

“Then Ill be going.” Having come by, Han Zhuoli was unwilling to leave the moment he saw her.

He was saying that he was leaving, but he took his own sweet time, his legs refusing to move.

He finally grabbed her chin, bending his head to kiss her.

“Im going.”

Lu Man didnt know if anyone saw that, but she didnt turn to check, her attention still focused on Han Zhuoli.

“Go back faster, the earlier you finish work, the earlier we get to go home.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoli smiled and nodded, looking obedient.

“Go on in,” Han Zhuoli said.

They were seeing each other every day, but who knew why they were still so lovey-dovey.

Lu Man couldnt get enough of him every day.

“Ill watch you leave.”

Han Zhuoli squeezed her fingers before finally walking away.

And he would turn every few steps to wave at Lu Man.

When he disappeared from view after turning a corner, Lu Man then entered the room.

Though she wasted some time with Han Zhuoli outside the classroom, it wasnt for long.

Deng Xu was invited by Han Zhuoli, and Dong Jingxi didnt dare fault Lu Man in front of Deng Xu.

“Does anyone have any ideas about what youre going to perform” Deng Xu asked no one in particular.

Dong Jingxi instantly answered, “Can we use your films We all love watching your films, and if we can act in them, even if its for a competition like this, itd be an honor even if its a short scene.”

Though everyone had similar thoughts, they couldnt say it out in time.

Dong Jingxi spoke all that they wished to say.

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