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Chapter 1587: Change of Person

Lu Man laughed as she shook her head.

“Another thing is that in such circumstances, it would not be suitable for Director Deng to direct another directors works.

Besides the fact that their style might not be the same, once he directs it, people would inevitably make comparisons.

If we won, Director Deng would offend others.

If we lost, it would ruin his reputation.

Either way, it would not be suitable.”

“So theres this level of consideration as well,” Zheng Yuan said as she came to a realization.

And she did not know that the point that Lu Man had explained happened to be the one that Deng Xu was thinking about in his heart.

“Then what aboutAfter Sunset Why did you say we would surely have picked this one in the end” Zheng Yuan asked further.


Lu Man was just about to reply when Dong Jingxi suddenly turned the topic to Lu Man and said, “Lu Man, you didnt voice your opinion at all this whole time.

What are you secretly discussing with Zheng Yuan over there This matter concerns our team, you should think seriously about this as well and say your thoughts.”

Lu Man pursed her lips slightly.

Dong Jingxi actually became smarter in front of Deng Xu and did not directly point fault at her.

It was just that the meaning between the lines implied that she was not listening seriously to what others were saying and did not put her heart on the matter, that she was not being serious enough.

No one here was a fool, so they could naturally tell what Dong Jingxi meant.

Principal Lius face fell.

In front of Deng Xu, Dong Jingxi actually still did not know to stop.

Lu Man did not bother to be petty like her and said, “I have the same thoughts as everyone else.

I also want to try acting outAfter Sunset.\'”

Principal Liu quietly threw a glance at Dean He, Teacher Yao, and Teacher Hong.

The four of them left the classroom together and stood by the corridor.

“Principal” Dean He asked.

“Swap Dong Jingxi out.” Principal Liu really could not stand her anymore.

“Everyone else is fine, its just her, Dong Jingxi, who keeps trying to pick a fight with Lu Man.

Cant she tell who invited Deng Xu here Is she just here to find trouble We havent even started rehearsing yet and she already keeps finding trouble non-stop.

If we really wait until the rehearsals start, would she even stop then When that time comes, she would affect everyones unity, mess up the rehearsals, and a whole bunch of other problems would surface.

“We should take the chance now to make a change of member before the rehearsals start.

If we wait until it starts, it wont be convenient to switch to someone else anymore,” Principal Liu said.

Dean He and the others all nodded.

If one were to pick on Lu Man, theres a possibility it was because Lu Man was the problem.

However, since others did not have any problem with her and only Dong Jingxi was the one finding fault with Lu Man, they definitely had to remove Dong Jingxi first.

“Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, both of you are the most familiar with the standards of the students in the performing arts major.

Can you both think of a suitable replacement” Principal Liu asked.

“How about Luo Yijun” Teacher Yao said.

“She was selected to participate in the Chinese Arts Championships and her standard is around the same as Dong Jingxi, just that she is usually not as high profile as Dong Jingxi.

Thinking about it now, perhaps its because she is too low profile that we did not think of her at the start.”

Teacher Hong nodded as well.

“Luo Yijun is not bad.

We can try with her.”

“Then lets contact her ASAP.

I wonder if shes in school today.

Its best if she is here, then things would be much more convenient.”

As a Year 4 student, Luo Yijun was also taking on jobs outside of school, so she might not be in school every day.

However, whenever they were not working, most students would choose to stay in the school hostels.

After all, the rents in B City were really too expensive.

The students were not even famous yet, so for the money they earned to sustain them while living in B City, that would be pretty good already.

One years worth of hostel fees would probably only be enough to rent a very small and tight room in a not-so-good environment far away in the outskirts of B City.

And the location of the National Film Academy was right in the heart of downtown B City.

Hence, even if they worked outside, most of the students would still choose to come back and stay in school.

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