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Chapter 1590: Withdrawal

Yet she had to be replaced at this time

How could Dong Jingxi take it lying down

“Principal, why am I being replaced The 10 of us had been chosen by the school in the first place.

This proves that we are the top 10 students among all the students that have remained in school.

You didnt choose Luo Yijun but chose me instead.

This shows that my capabilities are stronger than Luo Yijuns.

You dont want to keep me, who has stronger capabilities, but want to let Luo Yijun replace me.

Why is that”

Dong Jingxi thought back and forth but could not think of what kind of influential background Luo Yijun had.

Or else she would not need to stay in school now.

She would have been too busy to be seen already.

Hence, Luo Yijun was most likely not being stuffed in by someone influential.

Principal Liu said, “I discussed it with the other teachers just now.

This competition is very important.

Hence, we hope that every student can put all their energy towards acting, rather than spending effort on making nonsensical cheap shots.”

Seeing the unrepentant look on Dong Jingxis face, Principal Liu decided to say frankly, “But this is something you clearly cant do.

Given that, even with your capabilities, you cant be deemed fit to remain in this 10-member group.”

Dong Jingxi could not accept it.

She felt that this was just Principal Lius excuse.

Her capabilities were clear for all to see.

No matter how much her energy had been diverted, her acting skills would not change.

“This is the conclusion we came to at the end of our discussion.

We called you out individually so that we can save some face for you in front of the others.

I will also explain to them in a while that its because your manager suddenly accepted a very important job for you, so you had no choice but to withdraw.” Principal Liu could be said to have done his best.

Dong Jingxi was prideful, so Principal Liu saved some face for her.

So that she would not need to leave in shame.

If Dong Jingxi was still not satisfied, then he would not be so easygoing either.

Dong Jingxi knew too that there was no use even if she insisted.

Even if she was filled with reluctance in her heart, there was no other choice.

She could only leave.

Principal Liu and the others brought in Luo Yijun.

Luo Yijun still remembered that fiery glare that Dong Jingxi gave her before she left.

She clearly wanted to bear a grudge with her as well.

But so what

Since she had the chance, she would grab it.

If her and Dong Jingxis roles were reversed today, Dong Jingxi would also come and replace her without any hesitation.

It was all for their own career development.

In such situations, how would they still spare a thought for the other partys opinions

Principal Liu told the other students that Luo Yijun came to replace Dong Jingxi and gave the reason that Dong Jingxi had received an important job at the last minute, so she could only withdraw.

Who knew if the others believed it, but Principal Liu did not care either.

Anyway, he had already taken care to save face for Dong Jingxi on a superficial level.

The others naturally did not believe it.

Everyone took to heart how Dong Jingxi had kept on picking on Lu Man from the start.

They also felt that if this went on, the atmosphere in the team would certainly be too horrible, and it would definitely not be a conducive environment to perform in.

This whole saga started all because Dong Jingxi was dissatisfied with Lu Man and stirred trouble.

Anyway, no matter which angle of consideration was taken, if there was really a need for a replacement, the person replaced would surely be Dong Jingxi.

Hence, everyone knew very well deep down why Dong Jingxi was replaced.

Or else, with such a great condition of having Deng Xu around, how good a job had Dong Jingxi managed to get for her to give up the opportunity to work with him

Without Dong Jingxis troublemaking, the atmosphere indeed got better and the developments after that were all very smooth-sailing.

Everyone tried the lines for each character once.

To prevent overlaps, Deng Xu especially picked out different lines and different emotions.

This was a complex task.

There were a total of ten roles, and from each role, ten different emotions and lines were picked out.

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