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Chapter 1614: See a Hint of Ripple

At the side were some accessories she normally wore for fun.

They were all placed in an acrylic box.

She then took out two empty boxes and arranged Han Zhuolings ties inside them.

Putting them together instantly evoked an intimate feeling.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at the time.

It was already 10 pm—Han Zhuoling should have already returned home, but it was not yet bedtime.

Shi Xiaoya then sent a message to Han Zhuoling on WeChat.

“Young Master Ling, I forgot to return you the tie, and you left the tie you wore today at my place too.”

Han Zhuoling had just finished chatting with Lin Liye and returned to his room when he saw Shi Xiaoyas WeChat message.

He replied, “We can talk about the tie after you come back.”

Shi Xiaoya thought it could only be so too.

Right after that, she received another message from Han Zhuoling, “You packed your luggage already”

“Im done packing,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

Even if it were plain, cold words, Han Zhuoling still seemed to be able to see Shi Xiaoyas honest and obedient look through her text.

The corners of his lips curved up subconsciously.

“What time are you leaving the house tomorrow” Han Zhuoling asked.

It was a normal conversation, so Shi Xiaoya did not think too much and just replied, “Probably around 6:30 am.

Ill reach the airport at around 7:30 am, leaving around one and a half hours to check in my luggage and go through security clearance, so that time will be less tight.”

“Got it,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya felt strange.

What did he get

Although Han Zhuoling returned to his room, he did not close the room door.

Han Zhuofeng planned to go back to his room to form a team to play PUBG and happened to pass by Han Zhuolings room.

He subconsciously turned and threw a glance and happened to see his own Big Brother smiling at his phone.

The light from his phone screen lit up his face very clearly.

Although it was a faint smile, Han Zhuofeng could clearly see a hint of a ripple on his face.

Han Zhuofeng quickly hid behind the wall and secretly took out his phone and set it to silent mode.

He only dared to reveal a bit of the camera head, spam pressing the photo button at high speed.

When he was done, he brought his phone and went to find Lin Liye.

“Mom, Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom!” Han Zhuofeng ran back to the living room.

Lin Liye was putting on a mask sheet and said, “Whats with you You really havent called me so passionately in a long time.

I still remember when you were young, you were just this tall, you couldnt even walk properly and walked lopsided like a penguin.

You called me as you walked, and it was exactly the same as how youre calling me now.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Why did she recall his childhood at this moment

“No, Mom, guess what I saw” Han Zhuofeng said excitedly.

Of course, Lin Liye did not know what he saw.

She popped the air bubbles on the sheet mask as she asked, “What did you see”

“I was going back to my room just now,” Han Zhuofeng said in a hushed voice, afraid that Han Zhuoling would hear.

“Big Brother didnt close his room door, so I saw him there using his phone, and guess what happened”

Han Zhuofeng looked like he had all the tea to spill, yet he still refused to spill it out quickly.

This made Lin Liye so anxious that she smacked him and said, “Stop beating around the bush.

So what exactly happened”

“My brother was there looking at his phone and smiling—it was so gentle.” Han Zhuofeng threw a glance at the bedroom to confirm that Han Zhuoling would not suddenly come out before he said to Lin Liye sneakily as if he was a thief, “I even took photos of him secretly.

You better not tell my big brother.

This is the evidence I risked my life to take!”

Lin Liye: “…”

“I wont tell, definitely wont.

Why would I tell your Big Brother about this” Lin Liye urged him and said, “Quick, take it out for me to see.”

Han Zhuofeng finally took out his phone and picked out the photos to show Lin Liye.

“Mom, look.

Although Big Brothers smile is not that obvious, look at how gentle his eyes are.

If he wasnt talking to a girl right then, I will live-stream myself eating **!”

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