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Chapter 1617: Shouldnt He Follow Her

“Stop saying its a scam! Who did Xiaoya scam!”

“Han Zhuoling liked it.

Who knows, maybe its really Han Zhuoling who shelled them for Shi Xiaoya.”

“One just simply posted a Weibo without mentioning who, the other just liked it.

Just stop saying its a scam.”

Because of Han Zhuolings like, Shi Xiaoya couldnt delete her post and left it at that.

As for what the netizens were saying, she didnt care anymore.

Shi Xiaoya put her phone down and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, her big brother Shi Nancangs daily routine was to go to work, worry about his sister living alone, and scroll through her Weibo.

Sometimes, Shi Xiaoya did not update for a few days straight, and Shi Nancang would grumble to himself about her inactivity.

Right then, Shi Xiaoya slept as Shi Nancang saw her new post.

Everything was fine until he saw the comment section.

Han Zhuoling following Shi Xiaoya was normal.

As the top makeup artist in the Han Corporation, she was even praised by Han Zhuoling in front of him today.

His sister was outstanding in every way.

The boss would have certainly known her.

Han Zhuoling following Shi Xiaoya was such an ordinary thing!

His sister was exceptional, so shouldnt he follow her

Look at all the bitter comments.

How loathsome.

Shi Nancang was beyond furious, yet Shi Xiaoya refused to let the public know of their relationship.

When Shi Xiaoya and Qin Zigou struck out on their own, they truly did it without any help from their families and relied on their own effort.

Neither revealed their family background.

Qin Zigou used Cris as an alias, but over time, there were some contemptible competitors who loved using underhanded tricks.

How would Qin Zigou let them off

Before he started his company, he had some power in his hands as a member of the Qin Family.

It was nothing as compared to that of the heir of the Qin Family, but it was more than enough to deal with those despicable competitors.

Slowly but surely, no one dared to belittle Qin Zigou anymore.

Who else could be so impressive when starting out on their own, to defeat every single one of their challengers

Even the foolish ones knew now that theres someone powerful backing Qin Zigou, or at least that his familys rather rich.

As for how impressive his family was, no one knew.

People wouldnt dare to link him to the Qin Family.

What if they guessed wrong and offended the Qin Family—wouldnt that be a joke

Only a few in the industry knew Qin Zigous identity.

And none of Qin Zigous usual contacts in the industry knew about it.

The most they probably knew was him being a rich second-generation heir.

Things were even more secretive about Shi Xiaoya.

The Shi family wasnt as well-known as the eight great families, but they werent some nobodies either.

Shi Xiaoya did not want any success of hers that were reaped through her sole efforts to be discredited with, “Shes just a rich second-generation heir, with such a high starting point, so how could she fail”

But she truly did not use her familys help.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya begged her family to cooperate and keep silent.

Shi Xiaoyas plea was the hardest on Shi Nancang, a devoted brother.

The secret was about to burst from his lips.

Seeing the netizens criticizing Shi Xiaoya incensed him.

His sister was so wonderful.

Its normal to like her, much less to follow her!

As he thought this, an idea popped into Shi Nancangs mind.

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