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Chapter 1618: Dont Take Advantage

The netizens got one thing right.

His sister was the lone opposite sex in Han Zhuolings “following” list.

His sister was so wonderful.

Who knew if Han Zhuoling harbored any other thoughts about her!

Recalling how Han Zhuoling had especially praised Shi Xiaoya in front of him today, though he did not think of him visiting Shi Xiaoyas home, he still thought Han Zhuoling was hankering after her!

This could not do—he must start paying attention!

Shi Xiaoya did not allow him to expose her family background, but Shi Nancang couldnt sit back and do nothing now.

He couldnt stand it!

Shi Nancang immediately called for his gang of friends.

They were also sons from rich families, and they were even more playful than him.

Having fun aside, they were serious about work too.

Moreover, there were many ways of having fun, and what they did were proper activities.

Such as surfing, skydiving, rock-climbing, and such.

All very healthy activities.

Shi Nancang: “Reply if youre online, report your current location.”

“What are you doing”

“Are you looking for me Its late now, I dont think its a good idea.”

“Sheng Yue room 2302, come find me within 30 min.”

Shi Nancang: “F*ck off, man, just give me your location.

Serious business, my siss being bullied by netizens!”

“What Who dares to bully our sister”

Shi Nancang: “Whos your sister Dont take advantage!”

“D*mn you, Shi Nancang.

You approach us for help and now that youve got it you dont let us call her our sister Youre too much!”

Be that as it may, they dutifully reported their current locations.

They might not be at home.

From the addresses, some were drinking in bars, others were having business trips, while some were really at home.

Shi Nancang: “Ill send every one of you a box of crayfish.”

Shi Nancang sent the picture Shi Xiaoya had posted to them.

“Skewer it like this and post it to Weibo.”

Everybody: “…”

Fine, since theyre pretty free anyway.

They were relaxing in the bar as well.

The one on a business trip had their business done and was already in their hotel, even rejecting the other partys implicit suggestion of asking a model to accompany him.

Hence, Shi Nancang ordered crayfish from nearby according to their locations on the delivery app and sent it to them.

Slightly over an hour later, these gentlemen all posted on Weibo.

All posted pictures of skewered crayfish, but since the background and hands holding the skewers were all different, the netizens could ascertain that they were not the same pictures.

But the captions were all similar: “Trending way of eating.”

A total of about eight people, all in a similar fashion.

The netizens were shocked.

“Whats this Is it a good night for crayfish Why are they all eating it And the same way some more.”

“Are the wealthy gathered for crayfish”

“Obviously not, look at the different backgrounds.

Some are at home, some at hotels, and others in bars.”

“But whats with them eating at the same time and having the same captions”

A netizen said uncertainly: “Could… could it be related to Shi Xiaoya She posted a similar picture and caption just now.”

“Stop joking, go and scroll through Weibo.

Theres a bunch of people posting about crayfish every day, and many stars took photos like this too.

How is it because of Shi Xiaoya How famous is she”

“But no one else posted it like this tonight apart from Shi Xiaoya.”

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