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Chapter 1629: Waiting for You Here

Shi Xiaoya wasnt that old now, and she certainly had been even younger before she made her name.

Shi Xiaoya was only 24 now, and 22 two years back, fresh out of graduation.

Han Zhuoling suddenly felt gloomy.

Shi Xiaoya was actually this young.

A young lass just out of school wasnt experienced with the ways of the world, unprepared for the malicious attacks.

It was natural for her to be helpless for her first of such an experience.

“You were young and inexperienced before, and its normal for you to be clueless in dealing with such ploys.

If the other party had the same opportunities as you did, she wouldnt be feeling disappointed or think she won using underhanded means,” Han Zhuoling said.

“No matter which industry youre in, having connections is a form of ability.

“Whats more, you had the chance and you didnt waste it, nor did you ruin your mentors reputation.” Han Zhuoling continued, “You seized the chance and proved your worth.

You proved that your mentors right in his recommendation and you lived up to his teachings.”

Shi Xiaoya never expected Han Zhuoling to be so adept at consoling people.

Although she understood the reasoning after her career started taking off, she was glad to hear Han Zhuoling say this.

It was as if she got recognition and affirmation.

Different from others affirmation, it seemed especially convincing coming from Han Zhuolings mouth.

Han Zhuolings words were as powerful as internationally recognized certifications for other things.

“Yep, I understand it now,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

“No matter how I joined the production team back then, why couldnt I use my connections to defeat her when she dared to use underhanded means to slander my name Were just doing what we do best.

Fighting dirty was her expertise, and using connections is mine.

“Moreover, I used my abilities to prove that I lived up to my name and my teachers recommendation.

I didnt embarrass him.

If it were someone else, he or she might not even have been better than me,” Shi Xiaoya said confidently.

When they encountered a red light, Han Zhuoling couldnt help turn to stare at Shi Xiaoyas serious and confident look.

And couldnt bear to turn his gaze away.

When the traffic light turned green and Han Zhuoling refocused on driving, Shi Xiaoya then said, “Its because of this previous experience that I wasnt affected looking at those nasty comments and could spot who was stirring up trouble there.

I wont be troubled if I ignored those comments, and life still goes on.”

Han Zhuoling smiled, saying, “The competitor who employed paid commenters to slander you, was it Yuan Yina”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him in surprise.

“Howd you know that”

“I suspected someones using paid commenters to slander you, so I got people to investigate your competitors, see who used a similar method to attack you and who contacted those commenters,” Han Zhuoling spilled.

“And there was only one person, Yuan Yina.

You dont have many competitors now, and theres only Yuan Yina whos set on you.

Since she employed internet trolls before, it isnt impossible for her to repeat her antics.

“And so I checked if she has contacted any companies before.

Lu Mans well established in this area,” Han Zhuoling explained, “and its revealed soon that Yuan Yina did contact a company recently, employing a huge number of internet trolls.

She was probably waiting for you here.”

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