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Chapter 1631: Im Scared of You

Although she would be gone for four days, the filming would take only two days.

An extra two days time was included out of concern that time would be too tight.

However, the luggage with her belongings was a 28-inch one.

When Shi Xiaoya was dragging it, the luggage was almost at her hips.

It looked especially big.

But at this moment in Han Zhuolings hands, the huge 28-inch luggage was only just at his thigh.

It looked unusually small, just like how she looked when she was dragging the 24-inch one.

It was no sweat to him at all.

Gate 5 was right near the entrance and Guo Yujie had already arrived there.

Shed just sent a photo to Shi Xiaoya to let her know where she was.

It happened to be near Gate 5.

Shi Xiaoya looked around after entering and spotted Guo Yujie.

She was busy sending her a voice message over WeChat while waving to her.

“Yujie, Im here, we are at Gate 5.”

Guo Yujie felt that it was strange.

Why did Shi Xiaoya say “we.” Yet when she spotted them, she almost got scared out of her wits and collapsed to the floor.

Why did Han Zhuoling come along as well!

This almighty god was even helping Shi Xiaoya to pull her luggage along.

One in his left hand and one in his right.

He looked so dedicated.

She wondered how Shi Xiaoya did it!

Guo Yujie hurried over.


And then, very carefully, she greeted, “Young Master Ling.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Ill help you both with the check in first.”

Guo Yujie also brought along a huge 28-inch luggage as well.

As she did not need to carry a makeup box like Shi Xiaoya did, she had one less luggage to bring.

She was pulling it by herself and did not dare to trouble Han Zhuoling to help her.

Anyway, only Shi Xiaoya could have such treatment; no one else would dare to ask for it.

Han Zhuoling walked in front while Guo Yujie asked Shi Xiaoya in a small voice, “Why is First Young Master Han here He came here especially to see you off”

Guo Yujie twitched her brows and threw glances at Shi Xiaoya as she said that.

This time, Shi Xiaoya could not deny it.

Didnt Han Zhuoling clearly come specifically to send her off

Shi Xiaoya had mustered the courage to ask, but he just dismissed her question with the words “its on the way.”

So now, Shi Xiaoya herself did not know how to explain.

She could only throw out Han Zhuolings exact reply.

“He said it was on the way.”

Guo Yujie tsked at her.

“From his house to your house and sending you to the airport before going back to the Han Corporation, this is a really long journey to beon the way.\'”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“I didnt say anything else, why are you blushing” Guo Yujie teased her in a small voice.

Shi Xiaoyas hands were empty now and felt especially carefree, so she went to poke the side of Guo Yujies waist.

Guo Yujie was sensitive to tickles, so she dodged as she laughed and said, “Hey, fine, Im scared of you.

Im scared of you.

Dont do that, dont do that.”

Perhaps it was because he heard them playing around behind him, Han Zhuoling turned and saw Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie almost entangled with each other.

Seeing that hed turned, Shi Xiaoya quickly stood up and did not dare to make a scene with her face still reddened.

Han Zhuolings lips curved slightly as he asked, “Is your flight economy or first class”

“First class,” Shi Xiaoya said.

The flight to Man City was long, but she did not need to rely on her family—her own work studio was pretty generous, and booking first class flights for work trips was nothing much for them.

If it was possible to make the journey more comfortable, it would be made as comfortable as possible.

Whenever she brought Guo Yujie along for work trips, they would both sit in a first class flight together.

Guo Yujie even said that Shi Xiaoya was the most generous boss she had ever met.

Han Zhuoling nodded and pulled the luggage along to the first class check-in passageway.

There was no need to queue there.

Shi Xiaoya passed hers and Guo Yujies identity cards over and said that they were headed to Man City.

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