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Chapter 1633: Saw Your Ex-husband

Both of them did not notice that from afar, a woman had been using her mobile phone to snap pictures of Han Zhuoling helping Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie to carry their luggage and sending them off at the security clearance area.

She followed them and joined the queue which Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were in for the security clearance.

It was just that she went over too late, so there were many people between her and Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie.

She could not catch up with them.

The people queuing in front of her were all talking noisily, so she could not hear what Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were talking about.

She could not do anything, so she could only open up WeChat and send the photos she had just taken out.

“Yixin, I saw your ex-husband at the airport.”

Xia Yixin was still staying at the Xia family home now.

Previously, Xia Zhancheng had said that he would chase Xia Yixin out of the Xia family, but that was because he was terrified of getting revenge from the Han Family.

Hed wanted to act as if hed chased Xia Yixin out to let the Han Family people know that Xia Yixin did not end up in a good state, so they would not take it out on the Xia family.

But the Han Family still did not intend to let off the Xia family.

That was why the Xia familys assets continued to diminish.

The market shares of the malls owned by the Xia family were reduced to a single digit value.

Xia Zhancheng had had no choice but to close down his malls in some of the smaller to medium-sized cities and only keep the malls in the Tier 1 cities and emerging first-tier cities with high purchasing power.

Even so, there was only that one mall left in each of those cities, and they could be counted with both hands.

The Xia family suffered devastating losses.

The Han Family did not intend to finish them off in a single blow.

After all, they still had to consider their own interests.

When dealing with the Xia family, they would cripple them first before slowly finishing them off.

The Xia family was the epitome of the saying “a centipede dies but never falls down.”

Although theyd suffered great losses, Xia Zhancheng knew it was the work of the Han Family, so he took decisive action and quickly wound up his malls.

Although the Xia family suffered a huge blow and could never regain their status as a great family again, they were still slightly better off than the average rich folk.

And since the Han Family would deal with the Xia family no matter what, it would not matter how Xia Yixin ended up.

Hence, Xia Zhancheng still took Xia Yixin back in to stay with the Xias.

Xia Yixin was still enjoying life as a rich young mistress.

However, because the Xia family had suffered devastating losses, and these were all because of Xia Yixin, Xia Zhancheng no longer treated Xia Yixin as he did before and did not let her live a lavish and extravagant life.

To ensure that she had a comfortable life for sustenance, he just gave her 30,000 yuan worth of allowance every month.

But how was this pittance enough for Xia Yixin to spend

One bag of hers would already cost tens of thousands of yuan.

This 30,000 might not even be enough for her meals.

She still feared that she might not be able to continue living in the future.

Without such a worry now, shed started to ungratefully complain that she did not have enough money to spend.

In such days, Xia Yixin suddenly recalled the good in her marriage with Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling did not have feelings for her, and hed rarely come home when they were together.

But similarly, whatever she did, as long as she did not cross the line, Han Zhuoling would not care about her either.

He gave her ample money to buy whatever she liked.

No matter whether she was satisfied with her marriage or not, at least in the eyes of outsiders, she was the envy of many.

Now Xia Yixin felt again that actually, life like that in the past was really not bad.

She began to have restless thoughts and wondered if she could revive her marriage with Han Zhuoling.

That man Han Zhuoling probably might not fall in love in his whole life ever.

It would probably be extremely difficult for him to find someone else to marry him again.

Hence, Xia Yixin felt like she stood at an advantage.

If he wanted a child and a successor, then she could just give birth to one for him.

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