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Chapter 1651: Scared

What is he pretending for!

Lets not talk about the passersby in life.

The entertainment industry alone has a congregation of the top beauties in the country.

The female celebrities that are around 40 or 50 years old and look graceful and elegant would at most look as young as 30-plus years.

There are not many of them to speak of, but there are still a few that could be named.

As the big boss of the entertainment industry, you are acting like you had never seen one before in front of us

Continue acting!

Please dont stop!

Lu Man even felt a little guilty from Han Zhuolis praise.

She had to give it to him for being able to say such words when facing her old, yellow face made so with all that makeup.

To highlight her haggardness and tough life, Shi Xiaoya even drew wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, as well as under her eyes.

She also darkened the tone of the skin around her lips.

Even if she looked into the mirror and imagined herself to be prettier than she actually looked, Lu Man still felt that she really did not look good like this.

Yet even when she looked like this, Han Zhuoli could actually still praise her.

Lu Man blushed in embarrassment at this moment, but her makeup completely covered it up.

“Big Brother, you came as well.” Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoling, all smiles.

Her mood had not been affected by Howard at all, and she was still in the mood to tease Han Zhuoling with her gaze.

The corners of Han Zhuolings lips twitched.

Previously, whenever Lu Man saw him, she would always behave reservedly and did not dare to talk much to him.

Dont think he couldnt tell.

Now, she wasnt scared of him at all.

The moment Han Zhuoli came, he only had eyes for Lu Man.

Now that Lu Man had reminded him of it, he finally recalled that Howard was here as well.

He turned to look at Howard with a condescending smile as his lips curved slightly.

“From what you said, you can do whatever you want in Hollywood and stop anyone from going there if you dont want them to”

Howards face turned beet red.

He only said that because Shi Xiaoya did not appreciate his offer, which made him upset.

He thought that since the students here had never seen the world before anyway, he could say whatever he wanted to say, right

Yet he ended up boasting about something he could not actually do.

“I didnt say that.” Howard reacted quite fast.

“Of course Im not that powerful, but my words were directed at Shi Xiaoya.”

“Perhaps I cant do whatever I want in Hollywood, but to prevent a small-time makeup artist like her with no background from making it out in Hollywood, thats something I can still do.” Howard purposely bit his tongue and said that just to protect his pride.

“Oh, really” Han Zhuoling, who had not spoken a word ever since he came in, coldly remarked.

Howards heart started pounding.

What was happening

It cant be that they would really help Shi Xiaoya just because Shi Xiaoya was on good terms with Lu Man, right

What kind of joke was that!

Not like the Han Family was doing charity.

Although the Han Corporation had wide connections, if they really wanted to help someone, all it would take was putting in a word for them.

It sounded easy, but even putting in a word was very precious.

Owing a favor under the Han Corporations name was not simply an issue of money anymore, it was about an exchange equal in value for both parties.

To return the favor, it would definitely not be easy.

Hence, he never thought that the Han Family would stand up for an ordinary friend of Lu Mans.

The Han Family members were not idiots!

Howard continued to put up a strong front and pretended to be calm as he asked Han Zhuoling, “You are”

Han Zhuoli chuckled and said, “Hes my elder brother.

Both of us completed the acquisition of Cyre Pictures together back then.”

Howard felt as if he had been choked.

“So its First Young Master Han.” Although Howard had never seen Han Zhuoling before, he had heard of Han Zhuolings name.

Not just in business, even in Hollywood, Han Zhuoling was quite famous as well.

Previously, when their exchange team first arrived, an evening welcome party was held at the National Film Academy.

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