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Chapter 1653: Shielding Shortcomings

No, it was not even comparable to that.

Howards perception of the students at the National Film Academy simply resulted from his conceitedness.

Probably like how Shana viewed the C- or D-list artistes in her country.

In Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuolings eyes, Shana also belonged to such a category.

Hence, both of them really did not need to give much face to Shana.

“Howard is the one at fault, saying such improper words.

Please dont hold it against him,” Shana said with a smile.

“Howard is young and impudent.

He will take note in the future.”

Howard could not get over his pride.

He was just about to insist stubbornly when Shana secretly pinched him and threw him a warning look.

Han Zhuoling plainly glanced at Shana, and Shana gave a sweet smile at Han Zhuoling.

Seeing Shanas smile, Shi Xiaoya felt a little unhappy.

Han Zhuolings gaze did not really stay on Shanas face for long.

Instead, he asked Howard, “Then do you still stand by what you said just now about not letting Shi Xiaoya make it out in Hollywood”

Howard did not give a direct answer but just said, “Shi Xiaoya said it herself.

I wont be able to stop her right now.

I will have to wait until she has really gone there to further her career to see if I have the ability to stop her then.”

Howard looked at Shi Xiaoya unhappily and said, “Ill give you the same words as well.

You can wait and see until then, see whether I am capable of that or not.”

Shana frowned.

This Howard was really way too prideful.

Whenever something concerned his pride, he would throw away his intelligence just to keep his pride.

His words were clearly avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial.

When Shi Xiaoya really wanted to go to Hollywood to advance her career, he would still stop her.

Did he really think other people couldnt tell

But even this kind of behavior was already an admittance of defeat for Howard.

It was quite rare too.

Shana could only smile and say, “This is just a misunderstanding.

We are all young and impetuous now, its hard to say what we can do next time.

Howard also took back what he said earlier.


Han, dont you both think so—”

Han Zhuoling laughed.

“Actually, I also want to see if you have such an ability in the future.”

When Howard heard that, he thought that the matter had blown over, so he smiled and said, “Then why dont we wait and see”

Han Zhuoling smiled, but that smile crossed his face in a flash.

It was very short-lived.

But the sound that rumbled in his throat sounded indescribably soothing.

He did not reply to Howard and just made a call.

He called Tong Chunian.

“For the new films that have just started production and have had the roles confirmed, as well as those where actors are still being chosen for the roles, confirm the name lists and check if, among the confirmed lists, there is Howard Gibsons name.

For those where roles are still being cast, he will not be on the registration list.

For those with confirmed roles, swap him out if he has been confirmed.

For the roles that are to be auditioned, if his name is on the list, remove it as well.

He doesnt need to go for the audition anymore.”

Tong Chunian felt that this name sounded familiar.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Is he one of the students in the exchange team from New York this time around”

“Yes,” Han Zhuoling said.

Tong Chunian replied that he understood and immediately went to handle it.

When speaking to Tong Chunian, Han Zhuoling spoke in Mandarin.

Thinking that Howard would not understand, he saw a volunteer student by the side and gestured to him as he said, “Are you in charge of translating”

“Yes,” that student immediately replied.

This was his first time being so close to Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli, so he was a little nervous.

“Translate what I just said for him to hear,” Han Zhuoling said.

He could clearly say it himself, but he just did not want to bother translating it for Howard to hear.

Howard did not deserve such good treatment.

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