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Chapter 1656: Do as You Wish

He had scorned her so much just a few moments ago, yet they wanted him to apologize to Shi Xiaoya now

Shana quietly nudged Howard.

Could it be that he really did not care about his future anymore

Right now, Han Zhuoling only stopped Cyre from choosing him for roles.

It would be hard to guarantee that Han Zhuoling would not use his own connections to stop other companies from choosing him too.

Pride and face were all illusory things.

What really belonged to one was ones own future.

There was no need to sacrifice your own future for something so trivial in the moment.

He who understands the times is a wise man.

If he bent down now, his humiliation would only be momentary.

It was better than a setback that would lead to total ruin.

Howard clenched his teeth, and his hatred for Lu Man deepened.

He was about to apologize to Lu Man just now.

Great minds that thought alike would have just glossed over this, yet Lu Man just had to be so unyielding.

Lu Man did not even suffer any loss.

Why was she joining in the fuss!

Furthermore, Shi Xiaoya, the person who was directly involved, did not even say anything.

What was Lu Man speaking up for her for!

Didnt she see that Shi Xiaoya didnt have any opinions!

This meddlesome thing!

Howard hated Lu Man to the core now.

He was certain that Lu Man did this on purpose.

She just wanted to embarrass him and did not want to let him off.

Howard clenched his teeth and said to Shi Xiaoya, “Im sorry, I was rude to you.”

He glanced at Han Zhuoling.

Seeing that he had no expression on his face and did not appear moved, he suppressed his emotions and continued saying, “Its like what Shana said.

I am young and impetuous, so I didnt consider my words properly before saying them.

It was immature of me to say those things to you just now.”

Howard took in a deep breath and said, “Miss Shi, please forgive me.”

How would Shi Xiaoya not be able to see the unwillingness and remorseless attitude on Howards face There was no point even if she said she forgave him.

So she did not want to forgive him.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at Han Zhuoling, seeking his approval silently.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli watched their interaction from the side and took note of Shi Xiaoyas subconscious reliance on Han Zhuoling.

Lu Man was smiling gleefully as she tickled Han Zhuolis palm.

When Han Zhuoli looked over, she winked at him.

Looks like it was not only Big Brother who had feelings for Shi Xiaoya.

Very luckily, their feelings were mutual.

Shana also noticed that Shi Xiaoyas first reaction was actually to look at Han Zhuoling.

And when she turned to look at Han Zhuoling, Han Zhuolings expression instantly became gentle, as if he became a completely different person from the cold and icy person he was before.

Han Zhuoling said in a gentle voice, “Do as you wish.

Just do whatever you think is right.

You dont need to think about the rest.”

Shi Xiaoya immediately flashed a smile at Han Zhuoling before she turned to Howard.

“I think youre not sincere about apologizing to me, so forget it.

I dont need your apology.

Even if you apologized to me today, its not sincere, and after this, you will still continue to think of ways to make things difficult for me in future.”

Howard did not expect Shi Xiaoya to actually think things through so well.

Black ink could almost drip from his sullen, darkened face.

Shi Xiaoya laughed when she saw his reaction.

“See, youre not really sincere about apologizing to me.”

“If I sincerely apologize to you, will you forgive me” Howard asked.

“If not for the orders that Young Master Ling gave earlier on, would you have apologized to me” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Howard hesitated for a moment, and Shi Xiaoya said, “You dont need to answer me, because we both know what the answer is.

And even if Young Master Ling revoked his earlier orders, I wont forgive you either.

Ill also return the same words you said just now back to you.

Lets wait and see how my career develops and whether you can or cannot stop me from advancing my career.”

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