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Chapter 1679: Are You Interested to Try

“Just like what Director Xu said just now, Lu Mans appearance put her in the spotlight, letting people unknowingly put their attention on her.

Thats Lu Mans charisma.

Similarly, because everyone was focused on her, the burden on the other actors lessened considerably, allowing them to perform above standard and better than when theyre under stress.”

“But this meant that the stress was on Lu Man, and because everyones scrutinizing her, any mistake on her part would have ruined this show,” Deng Xu said.

“I was worried at the start too, putting such a heavy burden on Lu Man might stress her out too much, and its a great risk.

Since if she mishandled any parts, the whole show would fall apart.”

“But both teachers of Lu Man were confident in her and felt that we could completely trust her.

I reckon that her teachers would know better than me, so I agreed.

Whod have thought, Lu Man really did marvelously,” he continued.

“Whats more, shes not worse than any of the experienced actors Ive worked with in the past.”

This was high praise indeed.

Since Lu Man was still a student.

And actors who had worked with Deng Xu were all well-known, highly skilled actors.

Every one of them had won several national and international acting awards.

And Deng Xu saying that Lu Man was as good as them implied that he was more than satisfied with her acting.

“Thats right, Lu Man has this quality about her.

As long as shes on stage, shed shine like a sun even if the spotlight wasnt on her.” Xu Jiashan nodded.

“During the performance just now, there was a close-up shot of Lu Mans face on the screen.

I saw that her eyes were so expressive.”

Tan Xiaoyun also nodded in agreement at the side.

Robert and Hayer listened to the interpreter beside them who translated what was said to them, and they nodded vigorously too.

Xu Jiashan actually invited Lu Man on the spot, “Im preparing a new stage show currently.

After seeing your performance, I think theres a character especially suited for you, Lu Man, as if it was created just for you.

Might you be interested to try”

Many did not expect Xu Jiashan to hand out an invitation to Lu Man directly right then and there.

Many felt upset.

They had gone to many different auditions yet failed to land a role.

And Lu Man didnt have to lift her pinky and a role was offered to her.

Though Xu Jiashan was a director for theatrical performances, his actors were all big-shot film actors.

Those actors joined the theater whenever they were free purely for acting and for polishing their skills.

Similarly, this meant that not anyone could join Xu Jiashans shows.

The barrier of entry to his shows might be even higher than when shooting a film.

At the very least, you had to do respectably well in the films with good word-of-mouth before you could join his shows.

His plays not only involved good actors within the entertainment industry, they also involved renowned veteran actors who had long since not appeared onscreen.

It was applicable to call these veterans “artists” too.

If one could participate in Xu Jiashans play, it was extremely beneficial in expanding ones connections.

“Rest assured, its not a small role Im giving you, she has many scenes.” Xu Jiashan said.

“But you dont have to be afraid of not having enough time, because plays require at least two actors for every character so they can rotate between performances.

You can be a special guest and just turn up for a few performances.”

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