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Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly ran to the carpark, looking around.

Seeing that there was no one, she quickly entered Dai Yiran\'s car.

Why must you insist on calling me here, what is there that cannot be said over the phone If someone saw us, they would think that I have some kind of secret plan with you, I—

Anyway, you already had a secret plan with me, so there is no need for others to think otherwise, Dai Yiran coldly cut her off.

Ye Xiaoxing, let me remind you, regarding the virus on Lu Man\'s computer, that virus infected pen drive was inserted by you and I still have a video of that on my phone.

You— Ye Xiaoxing did not think that Dai Yiran would be so sly, that she would even videotape the whole thing.

Dai Yiran laughed coldly.

What, when you needed me you tried to curry favor with me, and now that I\'ve been dismissed, you are disregarding me Let me tell you, even though I\'m not in the Han Corporation anymore, my dad is still Secretary Dai!

Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly smiled.

How could it be, I… I\'m different from you, even if you aren\'t at the Han Corporation, there will still be a lot of good jobs waiting for you, even if you want work independent you could that too.

However, I\'m just an ordinary worker, I don\'t have any background or connections.

At that time, I had stayed up the whole night to prepare for the tests and entered the Han Corporation only after much difficulty, I don\'t want all the hard work I had done at that time to go to waste.

As she continued speaking, the rims of Ye Xiaoxing\'s eyes turned red.

She had really thought about how difficult it was to enter the Han Corporation at that time.

She was not like Lu Man, who did not need to undergo the multitude of written tests, directly getting hired through an interview.

Moreover, Lu Man had not even graduated from a university, and also what she was studying earlier was not even a degree suited to the current job profile.

That was why she had been so discontent and aggrieved.

Although she could not compare to Dai Yiran, how could it be that she could not even compare to Lu Man

Yet now, Lu Man had just arrived and could already take charge of a project alone; moreover, she could even participate in the Charity Night tonight.

On the other hand, she was going to lose her job soon.

Why was it, that things would suddenly become like this

You don\'t need to be scared, as long as you listen to me, I won\'t expose you, Dai Yiran was impatient.

Could she be so kind

Ye Xiaoxing highly doubted it.

As expected, she heard Dai Yiran say, I won\'t expose you, I\'ll let you remain in the company to become my spy.

You better remember this well.

You must report to me immediately about any action Lu Man takes in the company.

In case I have some things that I need you to do, I\'ll come to find you for them.

Ye Xiaoxing was really utterly regretting it, why did she not think it through at that point and insisted on provoking Dai Yiran.

Now, in the end, she could not even get rid of her even if she tried.

I… I know, don\'t worry, Dai Yiran had blackmail material on Ye Xiaoxing, so even if she did not want to listen to her, she could not.

Finally, Dai Yiran was satisfied.

Alright, you can go back, you might get suspected if you are out for so long.

Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly left, as if having been pardoned.


Five minutes before ending work, Lu Man took a trip to the bathroom and changed into the dress Han Zhuoli gave her.

It was different from the gorgeous floor-mopping gowns of celebrities, the long gown that Han Zhuoli had given her was not as gorgeous and cumbersome as those of celebrities, but it was very well suited for a dinner receptions and not only the ease of movement was much higher, but also it was more suitable for the role she would be playing today at the Nan Yin Charity Night.

Anyway, the main stars were those famous celebrities, she was just there to accompany them as a public relations officer, so there was no need to be dressed too splendidly.

Despite that, Lu Man knew that the gown was probably not ordinary, although it looked low-key and less outstanding, the price was probably not cheaper than those outstanding and expensive gowns of celebrities.

She had studied fashion design and hence was very familiar with the cuts and stitch lines.

When she wore it, she felt that this gown was made especially for her, this kind of delicate cutting and design, it would not be an exaggeration to say it was made by a master.


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