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Chapter 1682: This Is Cheating

Hearing this now, he instantly relaxed and quickly smacked the board as he said, “Alright, then, its all set.”

As if he was afraid Lu Man would reject it.

Everyone was stunned.

Did he need to do that

Every other person would plead for a role.

Yet when it came to Lu Man, it was the director pleading for her to act.

What right did she have!

Even if her acting was pretty good, it was not to that extent, right!

The looks on the faces of the exchange team were terrible.

No matter how arrogant they presented themselves usually, they had to acknowledge Deng Xus skill.

He was an internationally acclaimed director, after all.

Deng Xus name was known even as far away as Hollywood.

They just did not expect that the NFA had actually invited Deng Xu to be a director, just to direct a 20-minute show!

Leo said angrily in a hushed voice, “They actually found a director like Deng Xu.

This is cheating!”

“These people are being so shameless just to win!” Colleen also cursed in a low voice.

The students from the NDA became unhappy the moment they heard that.

They scoffed one after another as they said, “They are scared now and no longer as arrogant and condescending as before.”

“How is inviting a famous director to guide them considered cheating Then wont they be cheating when they invite famous teachers to teach them usually What a joke.”

“Haha, they are panicking now, not as confident as before that they would win comfortably.

This time, theyre scared that they would lose.

In the psychological aspect, they have already lost.”

“Just waiting for the result now.

After their performance, if they lost, I will definitely mock them hard.

Lets see if they can still be arrogant then!”

“This is the first time Im actually fervently hoping that Lu Man will win.”

“Me too.

Actually, thinking about it feels quite satisfying.

As long as its not on us, watching Lu Man giving other people a slap in the face actually feels so good.”

The others laughed along as well.

They were speaking in Mandarin and did not control their volume judging how the exchange team would not be able to understand what they said.

So they simply spoke in the same volume as they would when chatting usually.

As they chatted, a few people started laughing.

When Howard and the others heard the laughter coming from the back, it sounded like mockery to them no matter how they thought about it.

Although they could not understand what they were saying, their intuition told them that those people were not speaking well of them and were plainly mocking them.

Howard said angrily, “The competition isnt over yet, what are they so arrogant about! As if we would lose!”

“Dont bother yourself about them.

Well use the results to speak for us,” Shana said.

“Right.” Leo nodded.

“This performance by the NFA is not bad, but its just because its better than expected, so theres an element of surprise to it.

But if you actually think about it, the only one who really stands out is Lu Man.

The only person Deng Xu and the judges are praising is also only Lu Man.

So in actual fact, their capabilities as a whole are still average.

This competition depends on the capabilities of the team as a whole.”

The exchange team began chatting fervently among themselves.

Luzern was silent and did not speak a word.

His expression was serious.

These students still did not notice that and were still chatting among themselves.

They were all saying some self-consolatory words to encourage themselves.

They were not as totally confident as they had been before.

Now that their attitude had changed, their aura was gone as well.

This actually exposed their lack of confidence instead.

Their behavior now was as if theyd met a very strong opponent and did not have the confidence that they could beat the other party.

They could only try their best to console themselves, to hypnotize themselves, as if demeaning the other side so much would boost their own confidence.

This was a completely different state of mind compared to what they had in the beginning when they looked down on the other party from the bottom of their hearts.

Luzern knew that their teams mentality had already collapsed.

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