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Chapter 1683: Invite

In this way, their actual performance capability would suffer another setback.

Actually, he too did not expect the National Film Academy to perform so well.

It was completely out of their expectations, and it dealt them with a sudden blow.

At this moment, the host actually had not asked the people from the NFA to step off the stage.

After Xu Jiashans and Deng Xus invite, Robert actually joined in on the fun and said, “Lu Man has very good stage presence, as if she was born to perform on stage.

Her performance on stage was masterfully controlled.

If I wasnt sitting here and knew that you are still a student, I would never believe that you are one.

I will definitely think you are an actress with many years of acting experience on stage.”

Lu Man smiled as she thanked him.

Robert was then heard saying, “If theres a chance, I would really like to see you on stage at Broadway.

I heard that your English is pretty good too.

Judging from your words, I can also tell that you are someone with big plans for yourself.

If there comes a day you think that the time is ripe, I hope you can come over to Broadway to take a look.”

Robert did not immediately say that he would invite her over.

After all, Robert could only recommend Lu Man to go over at most.

Given how saturated the talent pool was over there, Lu Man might be the crème de la crème here and be the most eye-catching, but over there, she still had to work her way up from the bottom.

Going there to develop ones career, be it in language or acting skills, Lu Man still needed to improve on both first.

Or else, if she went there, her career might not become as advanced as it would be here.

The way Robert said that was also really in consideration of Lu Man.

If Lu Man was really keen, then she could work her way up steadily from now on to make a name for herself.

Once her starting point was high, her development would naturally take a different course.

Lu Man understood Roberts intentions and said, “Thank you.

I will definitely work hard and meet you again on that stage.”

Seeing that Lu Man actually understood his intentions, Robert felt even more admiration for her.

If it was someone else who was slightly more narrow-minded, or someone who could not read between the lines, that person might just feel that he was giving a cheap talk and did not have the intention of helping at all.

He might even have to be hated by that person and develop a grudge against them.

But Lu Man understood Roberts intentions instantly and knew that he meant well.

Or else, if she went now, even if Robert was around, Lu Man would not be valued and would be ostracized.

Besides wasting time, she would also miss the most opportune time to develop her career in the country.

Robert was very happy that Lu Man was not only excellent in acting, she was also a smart person.

As for Roberts words, the audience did not have much of a reaction to them.

After all, not everyone could understand Roberts kind intentions.

They would just think that he was saying good things to sound polite.

Only a small number of people could see that Robert truly admired and had good intentions towards Lu Man.

Dong Jingxi, who had been switched out, was also hidden amid the sea of people in the audience at this moment.

She came here to watch them make a joke of themselves.

When she came, she felt that even though the schools team would not be able to win with her in it, at least she was already one of the few most capable students in the school.

Still better than Luo Yijun.

Using Luo Yijun to replace her would greatly disadvantage the team, so they would definitely suffer a worse defeat.

So what if Lu Man was there

Could she carry the whole teams capability all by herself

So she wanted to come and see how badly this team would lose.

She wanted to see the looks of regret on the faces of the principal and those other people!

Alas, she felt increasingly dumbfounded the more she watched.

Leave aside the fact that Lu Man had been given such high praise by the judges, whod even secured roles for her in a film and a play right there and then.

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