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Chapter 1685: False Bravado

“As to which team will have performed better in the end—” Lu Man paused for a moment, then smiled slowly, “its not up to you guys to decide.

If you are so confident, you dont need to purposely look for your own presence with us.

We also have an idiom calledfalse bravado.\'”

“Its very much like how you guys are behaving now.” The curve of Lu Mans smile was clearly not big, yet it gave off a strong impression of mockery.

Li Zeyu and the rest were originally furious with Howard and those people for looking down on them, and they had been putting up with it all along.

They knew that their capabilities really could not compare to that of the exchange team, so they did not have the confidence to rebut either.

But they really performed quite well today, and it even gave them hope of winning.

So this time, they could not take Howards provocation no matter what.

That was why they wanted to speak out and quarrel with them just now.

Yet now that theyd heard Lu Man say that, everyone suddenly felt enlightened by perfect wisdom.

No wonder they felt that something was amiss just now.

Although they felt that Howards words sounded no different from how he had been in the past, they still felt that there was something off about his attitude.

Little did they expect that they were the ones panicking now!

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Everyone came to that realization and burst out laughing.

“So theyre just faking bravado.

Are they scared now”

“Hahahahaha! If youre scared, tone it down, dont come here and shout til your throat turns sore.

Are they dumb or what”

Everyones grievances finally poured out to be completely vented at this moment.

Just one word: invigorating!

After Lu Man reminded them, they turned to look at Howard and his bunch and felt as if they were staring at a bunch of weaklings.

Everyone on the exchange team: “…”

What kind of look of theirs was that!

They actually stared at them with their noses up in the air, completely reversing their roles around.

Howards feisty temper was about to have an outburst right there and then.

Yet at this very moment, a volunteer student came over to usher them and remind them that they had to quickly go up on stage.


Lets just go quickly,” Leo coaxed Howard.

“Lets win the competition first, then well come and deal with them.

Lest some people forget their place after getting a few praises from the judges.”

Lu Man pursed her lips.

He was obviously talking about her.

But the exchange team had already lost confidence, so Lu Man could not be bothered to quibble with them.

The exchange team quickly hurried up on stage.

Lu Man sat down to remove her makeup.

Being on stage required thick makeup, or else the audience would not be able to see anything at all.

So in such a short while, Lu Man already felt like her skin could not breathe from the thick layers of makeup.

She quickly took the makeup remover to remove the makeup.

Xu Ziyi and Zheng Yuan both sat beside Lu Man.

Zheng Yuan also removed her makeup while saying, “Whats up with Shanas attitude towards you just now Although she was quite aloof towards you previously, she wasnt like that just now.

She looked so hostile.

Thats so weird.”

Lu Man also noticed it but did not take it to heart.

If she bore a grudge against whoever was hostile to her, that would be too tiresome.

“I dont know what happened to her all of a sudden either.” Lu Man shook her head and said, “But we dont need to be bothered.

Who cares what she thinks”

Lu Man smiled and took some water to wash her face clean.

“Anyway, they will leave after the competition.

We wont be in contact with them for a long time.

Even if we come into contact in the future, thats a thing for the future.

And after today, its hard to say how our respective development paths will turn out.”

Lu Man used a disposable soft towel to absorb the water on her face.

“To put it in a bad way, no entertainment industry would be an easy place to become successful.

Hollywood will only be more cruel than our domestic industry here.”

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