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Chapter 1695: Only Seen on Three People Before

“I dont care.

Anyway, I just think you acted really well.” Old Mrs.

Han was especially unreasonable when she was being stubborn.

At this moment, Principal Liu and Deng Xu, Xu Jiashan, Tan Xiaoyun, Robert, and Hayer came over together.

Principal Liu asked the other three principals, as well as the teachers in charge of the exchange team, to have dinner together with the four judges.

Before they left, they came over to say hello to the Han Family people.

“Lu Man, dont forget, you promised me that you will act in my play,” Xu Jiashan reminded her the moment he came.

“Why are you like this” Deng Xu did not want to lose out and said, “Dont forget about my film either.”

Lu Man felt slightly embarrassed and said, “Please dont say that.

It is my honor to be able to act in both of your productions.

Both of you saying that makes it sound as if Im so great or something.”

Of course, Lu Man knew that Deng Xu and Xu Jiashan were deliberately acting as if they were competing over her, but in reality, they were just joking around.

“We are going out for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, the exchange team will be going back, so we invited their teachers to have a meal to send them off.

When that is done, I will invite you and the other students in the team to a meal to have a good celebration,” Principal Liu said.

Lu Man naturally agreed.

Deng Xu usually did not participate in such celebrations.

But because Xu Jiashan, Robert, and Hayer were also here, Deng Xu also wanted to interact with them and see if there was a chance to integrate some of his theater elements into their films.

Xu Jiashan had similar thoughts as well and wanted to interact more with Robert and Hayer, to get to know different theater cultures.

“Many thanks to you for this time,” Han Zhuoli said to Deng Xu politely.

“There, there.” Deng Xu smiled and said, “Luckily, I agreed to you and came over to help them with rehearsals.

Or else I wouldnt have known that Lu Mans acting is so good and would have almost missed out on her.

To be honest, I watched both of Lu Mans films before.

But in my eyes, Lu Man was still a newcomer, so I thought that Lu Mans performance in the film would have mostly relied on the guidance of the directors.”

“I didnt think that Lu Mans acting skills were very strong to begin with.” Deng Xu smiled and said, “Although there are a lot of actors nowadays, its not easy to find someone whos suitable.

If I hadnt come this time, I might really have missed out.”

Before leaving at the end, Robert even shook Lu Mans hand and said, “I really look forward to your development and that we will have a chance to work together in the future.”

Robert did not use the word “hope” but said “look forward” instead.

It showed that he was very confident in Lu Man and probably did not think that Lu Man would not be able to make it to that level of achievement.

He believed that they would be able to work together in the near future.

After they left, Hayer even said to Robert, “You really think very highly of that Lu Man, eh”

“Her stage presence is very good, as if she was born for the stage,” Robert said.

“Her aura is something I have only seen in three people so far.

This kind of presence is something my teacher told me about when I first got into Broadway.

Before I came in, my teacher said that among the people he had seen with such an aura, Mr.

Kanboshaws aura was the strongest.

However, by the time I entered Broadway, Mr.

Kanboshaw had already retired and no longer acted on stage.”

“But based on my teachers description, I think Lu Man and Mr.

Kanboshaws situations sound very similar, especially when he had just made his debut when he was young.” Robert smiled and said, “Anyway, from what I see, Lu Mans aura is stronger than those of the three people I had seen before.”

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