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Chapter 1698: You Have Quite a Deep Impression of Him

Han Zhuofeng low-key doubted it.

Could it be that Han Zhuoling really did not see him just now

“I was just in the car park and even called you, but you didnt even stop.” Han Zhuofeng walked towards the entrance of the school, preparing to call a cab to Sheng Yue.

Han Zhuoling thought about it for a moment.

He did not remember seeing Han Zhuofeng when watching the competition.

He came today too

Luckily, Han Zhuoling did not say it out loud, or else it would really prick Han Zhuofengs heart.

“Really I really didnt see you,” Han Zhuoling said without a change in his expression.

“Aish, forget it.

Ill call a cab to Sheng Yue by myself,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling hung up.

Han Zhuofeng sighed.

He called for a cab pitifully and waited for the cab to come and fetch him.

He came together with the two elders today, so he did not drive his own car.

Yet he did not expect that Old Mrs.

Han would be too excited.

Her mind was just filled with Lu Man winning and her incoming granddaughter-in-law Shi Xiaoya, so she totally forgot about Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuoling hung up.

Shi Xiaoya was curious but was too shy to ask, afraid that Han Zhuoling would think she was interfering too much.

She was not someone special to him, so why ask so much

Who knew, Han Zhuoling would actually take the initiative to explain.

“Its Zhuofeng, my younger brother.

He also came to watch the competition today.

But when we were leaving, we left him behind.

Everyone else in the family left already, so by the time he came out, he couldnt find anyone.”

Hearing that sounded so pitiful.

Shi Xiaoya recalled and said, “Then when I heard someone shouting just now, could it have been him”

Han Zhuoling was afraid that he might be exposed when they saw Han Zhuofeng, so he might as well admit it.

“Thats possible.

I didnt hear it just now.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that he was busy starting up the car, so that was probably why he did not hear.

“Then do we need to go back to fetch him” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“No need,” Han Zhuoling immediately said.

“Hes a grown man, cant he call a cab by himself”

He totally forgot that when he insisted on sending Shi Xiaoya home, he did not also say such words to her.

“How was the recording for the second episode of Survivor Did it go well” Han Zhuoling asked.


Its quite good.

Qin Zigou went this episode.

Theres also Zhang Shuidong, Lin Yantao, Zhang Jian, and a quite well-known eSports player called Cheng He.

Its for that really popular PUBG game right now.

His team had just won the world championships too.” Shi Xiaoya smiled as she spoke.

There were too many important points in this.

Han Zhuoling scanned through them one by one and said, “Cheng He You have quite a deep impression of him”

Shi Xiaoya blinked and said, “Yeah.

Hes quite fun.

Hes really young too and just graduated from high school.

The others are all unfamiliar with eSports and were asking him all sorts of questions.

He also answered very patiently.

Although the second episode was filmed in Man City which was very cold, the filming time each day was not very long because of the weather.

So filming ended quite early on the first day, and he led our team to play the PUBG game.”

Qin Zigou and Zhang Jian were also playing this game in private.

However, both their standards were very low level, and they were the kind that would get eliminated often.

So when both of them learned that Cheng He was a god of PUBG, they insisted on making him lead their team no matter what.

The three of them lacked one more player.

Zhang Shuidong and Lin Yantao were not interested in playing such games, so they asked Shi Xiaoya along to fill the gap.

In the end, Cheng He had had to lead three noob players along yet actually managed to play a good game.

Qin Zigou and Zhang Jian quickly posted on Weibo and shared with their social circles, showing off delightedly.

Han Zhuoling tapped his fingers twice on the steering wheel.

“He just graduated from high school.

Hes 18 years old”

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