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Chapter 1701: Suddenly Felt Threatened

“Oh, right.

Whats the next episode you are participating in Have you decided” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Im going for the third episode.”

He was different from other people.

The other guests roster was determined by the director team before discussing with them about their schedule and timings.

But for Han Zhuoling, he was fully in control to decide.

He could film whichever episode he wanted to film.

And he just needed to promise that he would film for at least four episodes.

Now that Shi Xiaoya had asked, Han Zhuoling just told her that he would be going for the third episode and would tell Lu Dongliu about it later on.

Although Shi Xiaoya said it was impossible for her to like guys like Cheng He who were much younger than her, Han Zhuoling still could not feel at ease and wanted to go and take a look personally.

Thinking about that, Han Zhuoling suddenly felt threatened.

He was really afraid that Lu Dongliu had already found someone else to record the third episode and did not have a spot for him.

So Han Zhuoling immediately found Lu Donglius contact number and called him.

“Young Master Ling” Lu Dongliu was extremely surprised that Han Zhuoling would personally call him.

At this moment, Lu Dongliu was so nervous that he totally forgot Han Zhuoling was also a guest on the show, Survivor.

He just thought that maybe there was something the production team did that was not appropriate for Han Zhuoling to actually personally call and question him.

“Director Lu.” Han Zhuoling sounded very polite actually, although his voice remained cold as usual.

“Have you confirmed the guestlist for the third episode of the show Survivor”

“We are settling on the name list now and discussing the timing with the guests.

We should be able to confirm it officially by tomorrow,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Add me to the third episode.

Im going to participate in it,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lu Dongliu was stunned for a moment.

What was happening

Han Zhuoling actually volunteered to come and participate in the show

He still thought that Han Zhuoling really disliked coming to attend the show and had to have the production team to discuss with him before he could agree to leave some time out to come over.

Lu Dongliu had already been mentally prepared that Han Zhuoling might not even finish recording the minimum number of four episodes.

Whod have expected hed actually receive a call personally from Han Zhuoling to express his wish to participate in the third episodes filming.

Han Zhuoling volunteered himself, so there was no reason for Lu Dongliu to reject him.

He quickly said, “Good, good, good.

I will go and make arrangements.

Youre really good at making jokes, there will definitely be a spot for you.”

After a moments pause, Lu Dongliu felt a little nervous and asked very uncertainly, “Young Master Ling, for our shows filming up til now, do you think theres any problem with it”

“Theres no problem at all,” Han Zhuoling said.

“In the variety show aspect, you are the expert.

I wont interfere.”

With Han Zhuolings words, Lu Dongliu could finally put his heart at ease.

“Then I will contact your assistant, Mr.

Tong, to make the final confirmations on the details,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Sure.” Han Zhuoling hung up after he finished speaking.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

So it was only decided when he said he wanted to go and participate in the third episode.

The moment he said he wanted to go and record the third episode, he immediately called Lu Dongliu.

Han Zhuoling tapped his fingertips against the steering wheel again.

“The filming period for the third episode isnt confirmed yet, right”

“Not yet,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“They need to arrange all the guests schedules before they can confirm the final filming period.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Then after theyve confirmed it, we can go to the filming together.”

“Sure.” Shi Xiaoya nodded in surprise.

She forgot about this.

Previously, in the first episode, she was not close to Han Zhuoling and did not know that he was going to participate in the show.

So they went there separately.

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