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Chapter 1706: Its Not Just Doting

“When I was in university, I actually majored in Fine Arts and specialized in oil painting,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“At that time, I was just a beauty blogger.

All those techniques and whatnot, I learned them on my own, but luckily, because I also learned oil painting, I felt that the face is like a canvas.

In that sense, what I learned was quite applicable as well.”

“My family never once interfered in my hobbies and are very supportive of me.

They said that if I did not like to work in the family business, then I can just do whatever I liked.

As long as its a proper career, there was nothing wrong with that.”

“And when I was a beauty blogger, I also managed to make some fame for myself and was a brand ambassador for some brands as well.

That could be considered one of the first steps towards my career,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“My big brother saw that I really wanted to continue along this path, so he found someone through his connections to contact my teacher, Liu Jingping, to see if I could be his disciple.”

Old Mrs.

Han smiled and said, “Your big brother is really not bad, he really dotes on you as a younger sister.”

Han Zhuoling thought to himself, “Its not just doting.”

“Although the teacher did not agree right away, he at least agreed to see me.

The moment he saw me, he tested me on the spot, felt that I was alright, and accepted me as his disciple,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Its one thing for your brother to connect you to meet with Liu Jingping, but you have to be competent as well, to make Liu Jingping accept you as his disciple,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

But she had to say that Shi Xiaoyas family background had some effect.

If it was a normal person, it would be impossible for them to even meet Liu Jingping.

Even if they really wanted to be his disciple, they would not have the connections to meet Liu Jingping.

Luckily, Shi Xiaoyas family background was quite good, and her big brother had enough connections to set a higher starting point for Shi Xiaoya.

Of course, it was true that Shi Xiaoya was competent enough.

Or else, if when Liu Jingping tested her, he found that she was totally incompetent, she might actually have disgraced her big brother.

Shi Xiaoya did not hide how she managed to find her teacher.

She had indeed relied on her family background and on her big brothers help to be able to meet Liu Jingping.

There was nothing to hide about that.

Although Yuan Yina did not know of Shi Xiaoyas family background, it did not stop her from being jealous of Shi Xiaoya.

Yuan Yina had thought that Shi Xiaoya was just lucky all along to be able to become Liu Jingpings disciple.

Furthermore, her career up til now could be considered quite smooth-sailing as well.

However, Shi Xiaoya also felt that she had been quite lucky.

Being born in the Shi Family, with a family background that could support her in giving her the freedom to choose whatever she wanted to do, and parents who would support her and give her enough freedom to do what she wanted to do, as well as a big brother who doted on her to no end…

It was precisely because of these things that it made her feel that she really had it easier than most people.

She always felt that she had been especially lucky.

It was evident how Shi Xiaoya gracefully explained without hiding anything.

She was unlike some people, who clearly relied on their familys fortunes but refused to admit it and insisted that they made it out by themselves.

Old Mrs.

Han could never stand such behavior.

Was it so embarrassing to admit that you received help from your family

To be honest, even if you really wanted to rely on your own efforts, you would more or less be sheltered by your family.

Even if you did not rely on your family for help, when you were outside, did people know of your background

Did they know that you were some rich mans son or daughter

If that was the case, they would surely be more courteous to you simply because of your family background.

No matter what, you would still benefit from a certain level of protection offered by virtue of your familys influence, so things would still go more smoothly for you.

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